Download New Liberty University AVIA 400 Quiz 1

Download New Liberty University AVIA 400 Quiz 1

  1. When it is not possible to preserve the scene because of the need to rescue survivors, then ______ should be provided to investigators to aid them in the investigation process.
  2. Pilot Negligence holds the PIC responsible for
  3. A report must be filed within ____ days after an accident.
  4. Flight information that is regulatory in nature including, but not limited to, changes to IFR charts, procedures, and airspace usage
  5. If criminal activity is suspected in the course of an NTSB investigation, what agency becomes the lead investigative body, with the NTSB providing any requested support?
  6. Information that is issued to inform the aviation public in a systematic way of non-regulatory material is known as
  7. Regarding FAA enforcement procedures, factor(s) considered when administering certificate actions include
  8. When the NTSB makes recommendations for actions to be taken, the FAA is required to implement them immediately.
  9. Procedures for Air Navigation (PANs) ______have application for worldwide applicability, while Regional Supplementary Material (SUPPs) ________.
  10. The mission of the FAA is

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