Download New  Liberty University BUSI 330 Quiz 5 

Download New Liberty University BUSI 330 Quiz 5

  • Selling agents are agents that
  • Most of the 3.7 million retail establishments in the United States, including hardware stores, convenience stores, clothing stores, and electronics stores, are considered
  • Which type of outlet is most likely in its early growth stage of the retail life cycle?
  • Leveraging its physical stores to enhance value for customers, Walmart offers online shoppers a service
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  • To increase the demand for complementary products, the price of a product often is
  • The variety of different items a store carries is referred to as the
  • Most specialty stores and department stores, which provide many services to their customers, are considered to be
  • Wholesalers that have a small warehouse from which they stock their trucks for distribution to retailers are referred to as
  • Direct selling is likely to continue to have strong growth in markets
  • Jane Westerland owns a small retail picture frame store in a local strip mall. She just bought 10 picture frames from a promising woodworker for $36 each. Based on market conditions, she planned to sell these for $100 each.
  • When Andrea visited, she looked at several different classic Winnie the Pooh plush animals before she selected Piglet and Tigger and put them in her shopping cart. She next went to checkout where she confirmed her purchase, typed in her address, and concluded the transaction by providing her credit card information. In terms of customer experience, this example describes the website design element.
  • Interactive marketing refers to
  • In the traditional sense, a is where buyers and sellers engage in face-to-face exchange relationships in a material environment characterized by physical facilities and mostly tangible objects.
  • The most preferred device used for online shopping and buying is
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  • Showrooming refers to
  • com, a website for locating everything needed for a wedding, contains several links to other websites that an engaged couple might need, including a travel agency, a linen store, a wedding gown retailer, and several other links. is an example of a website that incorporates the design element.
  • Pizza Hut’s website customization is achieved in several ways, but the primary utility is to
  • When you view a selection at and see “Customers who bought this (item) also bought …,” you are seeing the application of
  • The key difference between the traditional marketplace and the new marketspace is that the latter is a exchange environment.
  • The online consumer who shops online but buys offline, or shops offline but buys online is referred to as a
  • Procter & Gamble Co. created an advertisement for its Old Spice Krakengard Wild antiperspirant. In terms of the communication process, the in the ad informed prospective customers that the antiperspirant offered more protection than other brands.
  • Sales promotion refers to
  • In the hierarchy of effects, the consumer’s ability to recognize and remember the product or brand name is referred to as the
  • Direct marketing has the advantage of being to match the needs of specific target markets.
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  • In a marketing context, a source refers to
  • Personal selling refers to
  • The last stage in the hierarchy of effects is
  • Taco Bell developed its #loveandtacoscontest in response to
  • Which of the following statements regarding direct marketing is most accurate?
  • Figure 15-1 above depicts the communication process, which consists of ten key elements (Boxes A through J). The position labeled J is referred to as

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