Download New Liberty University CRIS 303 Quiz 5 

Download New Liberty University CRIS 303 Quiz 5

  1. is the outward expression of grief.
  2. maybe a normal defensive reaction to protect the bereaved from being overwhelmed and otherwise incapacitated by the plethora of feelings and related demands pressing to be allowed into consciousness.
  3. Bowlby suggests that clinicians usually have realistic expectations about the progress that people should be making as they grieve.
  4. The general objectives of interactive psycho-educational groups are to inform participants about the impact of traumatic experiences and to assist group members to reorganize their thoughts and feelings after a trauma.
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  6. Which of the following is best characterized by intense and prolonged reactions (such as continuous yearning, looking forward to death, and bitterness), which
  7. are associated with the early phases of loss?
  8. Which is not a factor influencing the grief reaction, as noted in the Freeman text?
  9. Which of the following is a theoretical model of group therapy that has commonly been used with children?
  10. Time, like the stages of grief, is.
  11. Frequently with the passage of time, symptoms are the only indicators that grief is still unresolved.
  12. grief is often mistakenly seen as a form of unresolved grief.
  13. Participation in a therapeutic group helps participants change the way they think about themselves and provides a sense of community and identity; therefore, it is an ideal modality for trauma survivors.
  14. An unnatural cognitive response to a death loss is a preoccupation with the deceased.
  15. This form of grieving involves the bereaved acting as though nothing has happened; therefore, there is no death to accept.
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  17. Mourning, or more specifically, what Lindemann called the grief process, appears to be a necessary part of the healing process.
  18. Psychiatrist George Engel in 1961 wrote that the loss of a loved one is traumatic psychologically to the same extent as being wounded or burned is physiological.
  19. Which of the below is not one of Worden’s procedures involved in working through unresolved grief?
  20. According to the author’s viewpoint, the inclusion of culturally appropriate traditional ceremonies often harms the therapeutic process.
  21. The rarest type of relationship that hinders people from adequate grieving is one involving extreme ambivalence, coupled with unexpressed hostility.
  22. Group treatment for post-traumatic disorders has a long tradition. It is for survivors who are in the acute phase of treatment and those who have dissociative disorders.
  23. Siggins (1966) asserted that there were three primary variables that differentiate unresolved grief from normal grief. Which of the following is not one of those three?
  24. In 4-6 sentences, discuss how your understanding of group therapy’s impact on grief, trauma, and healing has changed because of the content in this module/week.

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