Download New Liberty University EDUC 500 Quiz 4 

Download New Liberty University EDUC 500 Quiz 4

  1. A teacher tries to help a student recall an event that took place during a field trip to the natural history museum by saying, “Remember, it was the time when you went off to see the skeletons.” Which memory component was most directly involved?
  2. Human beings often complain about having poor memories. This inadequacy of the memory system is primarily due to:
  3. The duration of this structure of memory can last up to four seconds.
  4. Graphs, charts, and tables can lose their effectiveness for the organization if they:
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  6. An example of proactive facilitation would be:
  7. Which of the following forms of test-taking requires the learner to engage in high-level processing of content and thereby enhancing memory and understanding?
  8. Which of the following is an example of proactive inhibition?
  9. In a research study, subjects were asked to count backward by threes while trying to memorize nonsense letters. A major implication of the findings was:
  10. About half of the class (group A) knows more about the Democratic party while the other half (group B) knows more about the Republicans. The teacher presents a weeklong lesson on both parties. Which of the following is likely, based on schema theory?
  11. According to the text author, which of the following strategies facilitates learning and remembering?
  12. What is the term for the process in which students identify main ideas and then diagram connections between them?
  13. Which of the following statements about attention is accurate?
  14. By engaging in this study strategy, a student identifies the main ideas, then diagrams connections between them.
  15. Which of the following terms describes the capacity of working memory?
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  17. The process of maintaining a thought in working memory is called:
  18. A professor is teaching about the lymph system and uses the example of water moving through a sponge. This is an example of which cognitive teaching strategy?
  19. A teacher planned to take a class at the art museum for the first time. Before the trip, the teacher shared prints illustrating how the artwork at the museum is grouped into historical periods. When the actual visit took place, students saw many works of art (for the first time) and were amazed at how readily they were learning to recognize them. The orientation process students experienced is referred to as:
  20. How can teachers help their students to develop automaticity?
  21. Schemata consist of:
  22. The four Rs in the acronym PQ4R stand for:
  23. Failing to make decisions about which study material is most relevant to the issues at hand is one example of the disadvantages of which of the following study strategies?
  24. An educational application of the primacy and recency effect is to:
  25. Which of the following is an example of retroactive facilitation?
  26. The cognitive theory of learning that describes how individuals take in, work with, store, and retrieve information about the world is called:
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  28. A visiting curriculum evaluation team criticized a school district for teaching too much inert knowledge. A disadvantage, they said, is that, according to educational psychologists, inert knowledge is:
  29. Two students are shown a variety of tools in a woodworking class. The first one is asked to name the tools and the second is asked to indicate several possible uses of each tool. Later, they are asked to recall which tools they were shown. What would be predicted by levels-of-processing theory?
  30. This part of long-term memory is responsible for the storage of the ability and knowledge to do activities.
  31. Rote learning can be characterized as:
  32. Which of the following learning tasks and memory strategies make an appropriate match?
  33. What is the term used by cognitive psychologists to refer to the process of thinking about the material to be learned in a way that connects the material to information or ideas already in the learner’s mind?

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