Download New Liberty University HIEU 566 Quiz 1

Download New Liberty University HIEU 566 Quiz 1

  • founded the Society of Jesus.
  • Late Medieval groups identified as Heretics included:
  • While Martin Luther was condemned as a heretic by a papal bull in 1520, which event summarily expelled him from the Catholic Church and made him an enemy of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Pope Clement V moved the papacy to what French city in 1309?
  • The Battle of Mohács achieved what important result in 1526?
  • The Medieval Western Church was built on what two pillars?
  • The head of the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) is called:
  • When was Purgatory developed as a concept and doctrine in the Church?
  • “Sephardic Jews” refer to European Jews that emigrated from which country?
  • Luther and Zwingli disagreed on which key point, prevented them from ever joining their movements.
  • Who was the first “Christian” monarch to expel all Jews from his domain in 1290?
  • The historian R. I. Moore wrote what pivotal book on the Late Medieval period in 1987?
  • What is an “auto-da-fé”?
  • Who were the Hohenzollerns?
  • Which powerful Cardinal and Scholastic scholar tried to convince Martin Luther to abandon his ideas against Indulgences and the Church in Augsburg in 1518?
  • The advent of the printing press changed the culture of the Late Middle Ages not by bringing in a new concept but by expanding the love of text and the word (printed or written) to many different circles. Explain how humanism developed alongside the book and how the Bible remained an important part of learning in general. What were humanists looking to achieve through books? Why was humanism so interested in ancient texts in particular?

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