Download New Liberty University HOMI 601 Final

Download New Liberty University HOMI 601 Final

  1. Undergraduate students who have little, if any, ministry leadership experience complain about having to complete a “scope and sequence” assignment as part of a They don’t understand why it’s important. That perspective changes in their first year of ministry which involves teaching and developing others. They suddenly understand the importance and role of the “scope and sequence.” Imagine you’ve been asked to convince them with a 350–450 word formal position paper on the importance of a scope and sequence in ministry. Draw heavily from Sections Two and Three.
  2. Write a discussion on a topic and Scripture of your choosing. The discussion must have 6–8 questions and demonstrate your understanding of Bloom’s The first question must be a “level 1” question and the final one needs to meet the requirement of the sixth level. After writing the 6–8 questions, include a 3–5 sentence summary of your thinking that informed your construction of the discussion.
  3. Compose an essay of at least 350 equipping plans that will outline your strategy for equipping others in the coming Draw on Chapters 4, 18, and 25 to complete this assignment.

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