Download New Liberty University JURI 580 Quiz 1

Download New Liberty University JURI 580 Quiz 1



Set 1

  1. When terminating a client’s representation, the lawyer has no further duty to the client or the client’s interests.
  2. The rules of professional conduct ALWAYS require attorneys to report the SUSPECTED misconduct of other attorneys.
  3. A lawyer is generally required to follow a client’s decisions concerning the goals of any representation and must consult with a client about the means used to carry out the client’s objectives.
  4. Which of the following are required of a lawyer who enters into a business transaction with a client?
  5. Lawyers CAN NOT, under any circumstances, ethically limit their liability for malpractice.
  6. When a lawyer is charged with formal misconduct, the lawyer MUST be given representation by bar counsel at no cost to the lawyer.
  7. Contingent fee agreements must be:
  8. A variety of sources govern the regulation of lawyers, these include court decisions, statutory law, the Rules of Professional Conduct and:
  9. The American Bar Association (ABA) has direct disciplinary authority over lawyers for violation of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.
  10. The rules of professional conduct are ALWAYS clear and provide direct guidance to lawyers regarding prohibited conduct during the practice of law.
  11. Lawyers are permitted to file a lien on the client’s case when a client refuses to pay or obtains new representation without payment to the lawyer.
  12. Which of the following is a term used in the common law to refer to the purchase of a portion of a lawsuit?
  13. Client contacts a Lawyer and requests representation. The Client was represented in a divorce action by another attorney and had been awarded a substantial judgment for alimony. The Client’s ex-spouse has not paid the court-ordered alimony. The client wishes to retain the Lawyer to collect the alimony. The lawyer agrees to represent the client for 25% of the gross amount recovered by the Lawyer.
  14. Clients have the authority to make ultimate decisions about their cases. This authority extends to all of the following, EXCEPT:
  15. As fiduciaries to their clients, Attorneys have a duty of loyalty, confidentiality, and competence when representing clients.
  16. An agreement used by lawyers to agree with a client to investigate a matter before undertaking representation is called:
  17. It is generally unethical for a lawyer to demand that a client sign a release of liability as a condition of releasing the client’s file after non-payment.
  18. The Sixth Amendment prohibits a lawyer from disclosing information regarding a client’s threat to commit imminent harm against another person.
  19. Which of the following is a requirement Under Rule 1.5 (e) for a referral fee to be valid?
  20. Which of the following cases set a two-part test for determining when ineffective representation by an attorney requires reversal of a conviction?
  21. Which of the following is a method to regulate the reasonableness of a lawyer’s fees?
  22. A Lawyer may not represent a client if the continued representation of the client would result in a violation of the Rules of Conduct or a violation of the law.
  23. The ABA Model Rules of Professional Responsibility is a Model Code of Conduct that individual jurisdictions may, but are not required, to adopt in whole or part.
  24. The ethical duty of competency includes knowledge of the law, skill, and preparation.
  25. In most States, the authority to regulate the practice of law in the STATE courts rests with the highest court in the State.

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