Download New Liberty University LIFC 502 Exam 2 

Download New Liberty University LIFC 502 Exam 2 



  1. A danger for many coaches is that they lose their objectivity:
  2. Which one has not considered a reinforcer:
  3. “Stepping into the future” is when a coach asks a client to step into their desired future and describe in detail what they see, how they feel, how their environment appears, etc.
  4. How much positivity is enough:
  5. People who have more purpose in their lives are more disease-resistant:
  6. Many clients find the “body scan” very relaxing:
  7. “Find your feet” is a cue from:
  8. If clients do not complete assignments between calls, reschedule the session:
  9. Human neurobiology predisposes us to be habit focused:
  10. Life purpose work may be called for when:
  11. Debriefing is a:
  12. Giving advice or giving the answer is more the province of consulting:
  13. The “small world” phenomenon is the theory that each of us is just seven connections away from anyone else on this planet:
  14. You and your client can converse soulfully from the depths of your being:
  15. Coaching sets a context of accountability which generally is offered in monthly or sporadic sessions:
  16. Which is NOT a way to challenge:
  17. The best fieldwork takes into consideration these factors:
  18. Life coaches should generate new possibilities for their clients rather than the client generating these ideas themselves:
  19. Coaching contracts can be:
  20. Whose research discovered the “Four Horseman”:
  21. A life purpose can be defined as an anchor because it serves as a device of the mind to provide stability:
  22. To be a successful coach, all of our logical levels need to be aligned with our goals:
  23. Teaching is more effective earlier in the coaching relationship:
  24. Each of these is included in Dunbar’s list of the worst 10 listening habits EXCEPT:
  25. Which one is not a common blindspot:

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