Download New LIFC 304 Quiz 2

Download New LIFC 304 Quiz 2



LIFC 304 Quiz 2: Elements and Strategies in Leadership Coaching
  1. Mark 10:42-45 stresses the importance of:
  2. A coach’s job is to:
  3. The World Power Model includes the following:
  4. Jesus’ model of leadership was that of:
  5. As a coach, it is important to ask clients the question:
  6. Which of the following is not a part of the “5 Questions” Georgia Shaffer refers to in this lecture?
  7. The job of a leader is to connect our “voice” with our “touch.”
  8. Multi-tasking is the best way to get things done in an organization.
  9. In coaching, resistance is usually an expression of a deeply held need or value that is causing inner conflict for the client.
  10. God’s criterion for success is faithfulness.
  11. Leaders should always be asking themselves:
  12. Ways to help alleviate the “worrying” include the following,:
  13. Most leaders are aware of their emotions and are making emotional management a priority.
  14. Presenting an acceptable image is a key concept in the Kingdom of Christ’s Model of leadership.
  15. Leaders must:
  16. In regard to the personalities of staff, leaders must do all of the following:
  17. Christ’s model of servant leadership includes the following:
  18. The four qualities necessary to connect include which of the following:
  19. According to Daniel Goldman, the more successful a leader becomes the more self-awareness he/she tends to have.
  20. Plans need to be all of the following except:
  21. Personnel problems are best solved and addressed during the hiring process.
  22. It is important as a coach to realize the need for coaches in our own life.
  23. Leaders must be aware that when emotions are ignored long enough they will eventually go away.
  24. Which of the following is not characteristic of perfectionism:
  25. Leaders must be equippers and encouragers.

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