Download New PACO 509 Discussion

Download New PACO 509 Discussion



PACO 509 Discussions

The student will narrate movement through a process of growing in favor of God and others. This is accomplished via Discussions that require the student to noticeably/meaningfully employ insights and skills gleaned from each of the assigned readings, assessments, lectures, web resources, and as applicable, the Scriptures.

Due to the nature of these connected, collaborative, cumulative research-based, and fully-involved conversations, these Discussions will have a “paper or presentation-like feel” (i.e. more is expected than in typical Discussions). Required texts, assigned readings, assessments, and lectures-to-date are to be noticeably and consistently used to ground assertions. In response to prompts from each Discussion, the student must synthesize pertinent material and write a substantive research-based thread and reply.

Pertinent insights from readings-to-date should be synthesized and moved forward into subsequent learning activities. Each thread must be at least 450 words and noticeably employ at least 1 pertinent insight from each required source/readings-to-date as well as assessments and presentations (see Course Schedule). In the assigned Module, the student writes 1 substantive research-based reply to a specific point of reference within a classmate’s thread. Each reply must noticeably/meaningfully employ at least 1 pertinent insight from course-related knowledge and be at least 150 words.

All posts must be written with clarity and conciseness, without spelling, grammar, or word choice errors, and adhere to Discussion Guidelines and rubric expectations. School of Behavioral Sciences students follows current APA standards and School of Divinity students – current Turabian standards. Specific instructions are provided in the assignment instructions folder of the course (Discussion Guidelines and related Rubrics).  NOTE: The Final Discussion has a slightly different rubric.


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