Download New Regent University BIBL 106 Quiz 2 

Download New Regent University BIBL 106 Quiz 2

  1. In discussing alternatives to the Christian consensus about the Godhead, Olson lays out the views of some writers who self-identified as Christians , but denied that God was a Trinity. Which of the following non-trinitarian views of God best expresses the view of Arius?
  2. Olson discusses the final theological decisions of the first two great ecumenical Councils (Nicaea and Constantinople) that resulted in an articulated creed for Christians everywhere. Which of the following best represents what the Nicene Creed determined?
  3. Theologian Jurgen Moltmann stresses that the unity of the divine persons lies in divine community. Which of the following represents the best understanding of Moltmann’s communitarian model of the Trinity?
  4. The early Christian rule of faith centered on the person of Jesus Christ as the eternal, divine son of God. In the early fourth century, Arius presented a challenge to the Christian consensus about God. Which of the following best represents the Arian position, according to Olson?
  5. In discussing diverse Christian approaches to the Trinity, Olson notes that orthodox Christian theologians have developed very different models of the Trinity that nevertheless maintain trinitarian belief. Which of the following models best represents the model that theologian Karl Barth employs with respect to the Trinity?
  6. McGrath describes Sabellianism as a kind of “modalism.” Which of the following best represents the kind of modalism represented by the teachings of Sabellius?
  7. According to McGrath, Gregory of Nyssa uses a series of analogies in his letters to help his readers grasp the reality of the Trinity. Which of the following best represents Gregory’s analogy of water?
  8. McGrath discusses the ideas of Robert Jenson. According to Jenson, we identify and name God by telling the story of the events in the history of God’s people. What particular event especially identifies the God of the New Testament?
  9. McGrath states that the Scripture does not set out an explicit doctrine of the Trinity, but then suggests another understanding. Which of the following best represents that understanding?
  10. Irenaeus speaks of the “economy” of the Godhead. Which of the following best represents Irenaeus idea of this economy?

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