Download New SOWK 300 Cumulative Quiz Week 5

Download New SOWK 300 Cumulative Quiz Week 5

SOWK 300 Quiz: Conception through Middle Childhood

  1. Privilege can be described from a life course perspective as:
  2. The capacities that people have and the skills they use to adapt to changing biological and environmental demands is:
  3. A life event is:
  4. The current position of a person in the ongoing search for meaning, purpose, and moral relationships is:
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  6. Age-graded roles and behaviors expected by society is:
  7. A disjoint agency is defined as an agency that:
  8. A trajectory is:
  9. A sequence of significant events, experiences, and transitions in a person’s life from conception to death is known as:
  10. The most frequently reported turning points in older adults’ lives (ages 60 to 87) involve:
  11. A conjoint agency is an agency that:
  12. Which of the following genes give competing yet controlling messages?
  13. By the 16th week, the fetus is approximate:
  14. Compared to 34 developed countries, the United States ranks ______in infant mortality.
  15. Maternal smoking during pregnancy has been linked to which of the following:
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  17. Which of the following substances is most commonly used by women who are pregnant?
  18. An average pregnancy lasts how many days when calculated from the time of fertilization?
  19. An essential component of the hereditary process that contains the codes for producing particular traits and dispositions is called a:
  20. Which of the following are recommendations for securing the nutritional status of incarcerated pregnant women?
  21. The inability to create a viable embryo after 1 year of intercourse without contraception is known as:
  22. An essential component of the hereditary process where genetic instructions are coded is called a:
  23. When a child displays contradictory behavior such as attempting physical closeness but retreating with acts of avoidance, it is considered to be which of the following types of attachment?
  24. When an infant responds by arching the back, extending legs and arms, and then pulling arms and legs back in, it is called:
  25. Young children in their second year of development are usually referred to as ________ from about 12 to 36 months of age
  26. A type of toddler play that is engaging in simple repetitive motor movements is called:
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  28. The World Health Organization’s Multicentre Growth Reference Study:
  29. According to Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, infants can look at only one frame of the movie (metaphor) at a time. Which of the following represents this stage of development?
  30. Attachment is the ability to:
  31. Infants and toddlers with “difficult” temperaments are more likely to:
  32. An infant reflex where the infant instinctively sucks any object of appropriate size that is given to her or him is called:
  33. A type of toddler play where they create and construct objects is called:
  34. Which of the following approaches proposes that moral behavior is shaped by environmental reinforcements and punishments?
  35. Which of the following describes the ability to scribble and draw, cut with scissors, and print one’s name?
  36. Ron pushes Terri away from the train station so he can play with it. Which type of aggression is this?
  37. Terri, Ron, and Jack are playing house. Sally pretends to be the mother, Corey is the dad, and Todd is their dog. They pretend to play at the local park. Which type of play is this?
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  39. In early childhood, the two hemispheres of the brain begin to operate slightly differently, allowing for a wider range of activity. Which of the following defines this process?
  40. Terri and Ron are fighting over who gets to play with the new train station. Which type of aggression is this?
  41. refers to children’s awareness of their own and other people’s mental processes, and to the understanding that other people can have different states of awareness than our own
  42. Most 5-year-olds can:
  43. Which level of Kohlberg’s stages of moral development suggests that moral reasoning is based on the approval of significant others?
  44. Which of the following approaches proposes that children’s moral judgments change as their cognitive development allows them to examine the logical and abstract aspects of moral dilemmas?
  45. Peer rejection is strongly associated with:
  46. A set of symptoms that include feelings of fear and helplessness and can result from indirect or direct exposure to violence is called:
  47. The most widely recognized social development task of middle childhood is acquiring feelings of:
  48. Which of the following is NOT a common emotional gain during middle childhood?
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  50. A plan which charts a course for ensuring that each child with a disability achieves as much support as possible in the academic realm is called a(n):
  51. The ability in middle childhood to see a situation from another person’s point of view is:
  52. Early identification and intervention are key protective factors for a child with
  53. The terms ________ and ______________ are used to refer to the skills children from non-dominant groups must aquire to survive and thrive developmentally.
  54. Which of the following is a significant threat to healthy child development?
  55. In terms of play, what kind of play activities increase during middle childhood?

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