Download Solved APOL 220 Quiz Engaging in Late Modernism

Download Solved APOL 220 Quiz Engaging in Late Modernism


  • Which cultural challenge turns inward and calls a person to be true to themself?
  • By saying they are against one particular doctrine of salvation, pluralists are actually expressing a doctrine of salvation themselves.
  • The everyday stuff opportunity is part of which cultural challenge?
  • Regarding expressive individualism, the most important thing that you can do as an individual is throw off the shackles of exterior expectations and be “true to yourself.”
  • While one dominant religious culture used to be given “overwhelming credibility” and seen as “beyond challenge” in the Western world, such is no longer the case today.
  • The opportunity death affords our apologetic discussion is part of which cultural challenge?
  • The reality of beauty in the world is an opportunity to counter which cultural challenge?
  • Religious lethargy has explicitly led to religious skepticism.
  • In terms of world history, pluralism is actually quite new.
  • Religious skepticism defeats itself when it grounds religious belief solely in cultural contexts.
  • The idea that all major religious traditions describe the same reality – reflected by the popular sentiment, “of course, there can’t be just one way to God” – is a tenet of which of the following:
  • A high view of human dignity is specifically an opportunity in which cultural challenges?
  • In response to a skeptic who points out that Christians only believe because of where they were born, it would be inappropriate to point out that such a rule applies equally to the skeptic as well.
  • The lyrics from “After the Storm” by Mumford and Sons reveals that despite the prevalence of religious lethargy in late modern culture, there is an underlying fear of death that remains.
  • S. Lewis points out that the reason beauty fills us with joy and breaks our hearts is that it points to a reality beyond itself.
  • A healthy apologetic must begin with healthy discipleship within the church.
  • The notion of justice and the desire to right the wrongs in society is an opportunity to counter which cultural challenge?
  • Which cultural challenge seeks to construct its own web of meaning and believes to have provided the significance it needs for life apart from God?
  • The gospel is very exclusive toward people groups but not in its message.
  • Good diagnostic questions to ask ourselves about an apologetic approach to lethargy include all of the following,
  • Late moderns have absorbed a cultural narrative that no longer assumes a divinely-ordered world in which there are God-given ways to live.
  • The human heart is inevitably driven by something that it worships and desires above all else.
  • According to the authors, self-authorizing morality holds personal happiness as the highest good.
  • Which cultural challenge replaces sin with sickness?
  • Human relationality and our common sense of community challenge the ethics of authenticity.


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