Get Best Ashford PSY 301 Week 1 Discussion

Get the Best Ashford PSY 301 Week 1 Discussion

To prepare for this discussion, please read Chapter 1: Studying Social Psychology in your textbook and Exploring the Ethics and Psychological Impact of Deception in Psychological Research article.

In this discussion, you will consider principles of scientific research, including methodology and ethical considerations.

First, visit the Online Social Psychology Studies (Links to an external site.) web page and select any study from the list. (Note that some links may be broken; if you choose a study that is unavailable, simply pick another option.) Participate in the research by following the instructions. After you have completed the study, answer the following questions (see Chapter 1 and Boynton, Portnoy, & Johnson, 2013):

  • Indicate the study you completed, including the web link.
  • Describe the research that was conducted. What did you do? What type of method do you think the researcher was utilizing? Can you identify the hypothesis and/or theory?
  • Appraise the study based on your understanding of the research gained from the reading. What elements of the study “worked” and what would you suggest the researchers do to improve their study? Mention at least three specific elements.
  • Indicate any relevant ethical concerns. Was deception utilized?
  • Identifysituational factors and/or social and cultural influences that may impact the phenomenon being studied.
  • Illustrate how this insight may be relevant to your personal or professional life through specific examples.

To fully demonstrate content knowledge and critical thinking in your Research in Social Psychology discussion

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