Get Best AVIA 435 Quiz 1

Get Best AVIA 435 Quiz 1

  1. The maximum operating altitude for the CRJ-200 is __________ feet.
  2. The EICAS provides:
  3. The EICAS displays:
  4. How many compressor stages does the CF34-3B1 Axial Flow Compressor Section (N2) have?
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  6. The engine display limit markings in __________ must be used to determine the compliance with the maximum/minimum limits and precautionary ranges.
  7. The APU is capable of receiving fuel from:
  8. The CRJ-200 has a pressurized, climate-controlled cargo compartment in the rear fuselage.
  9. The Emergency Procedures section of the OM is an all-inclusive listing of emergency procedures that the pilot will encounter in the CRJ-200.
  10. How many low-pressure turbine stages does the CF34-3B1 have?
  11. In the Exhaust Danger Area, at idle thrust, the exhaust temperature 40 feet behind the aircraft is approximately
  12. The CRJ-200 is powered by two General Electric _______________ engines.
  13. The N1 fan is composed of __________ titanium alloy blades wrapped in a Kevlar blanket.
  14. There are __________ types of CAS text messages.
  15. The maximum RPM for APU operation is __________.
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  17. The avionic bay door is pressurized.
  18. For all operations, APU starting and operation is permitted to a maximum temperature of ISA plus __________.
  19. Bleed air extraction from the APU is not permitted above __________ feet.
  20. Which of the following is not true concerning the Flight Deck Escape hatch?
  21. The manufacturer’s aircraft limitations presented on placards on the flight deck take precedence over the limitations published In the Limitations Section of the OM.
  22. There are certain conditions when the APU will automatically shut down. The level of protection is greater on the ground than in-flight.
  23. During an APU start, the maximum EGT (not to be exceeded under any operating conditions) is
  24. Two CRTs are provided for each pilot. The outboard CRT of the two is the __________, which normally displays the flight instruments.
  25. The EICAS displays are powered when the battery master switch is selected ON but will overheat if AC power is not made available within __________ minutes to power the cooling fans.
  26. EICAS inhibits certain Warning and Caution messages during takeoff and landing to avoid unnecessary pilot distraction. Under Condition 1, the inhibit is active at speeds less than __________ knots.
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  28. The CRJ-200 has __________ doors and hatches.
  29. Should ED1 fail?
  30. The CRJ-200 is powered by two:
  31. The CRJ-200 has/is:
  32. The aircraft is certified in the transport category for day and night operations, in the following conditions when equipment and instruments required by the airworthiness and operating regulations are approved, installed, and in operable condition:
  33. The total wingspan of the CRJ-200 is __________.
  34. Continuous Engine Ignition must be used during which of the following situations?
  35. Which section of the OM would describe the level of performance which must be achieved to satisfactorily complete training and contain suggestions to assist in achieving that performance level?
  36. The maximum number of passengers on the passenger door is four or __________ lbs.
  37. Prior to starting the APU:
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  39. The engine-mounted accessory gearbox is driven by the __________ compressor.
  40. Information displayed on the EICAS is __________.
  41. The minimum ambient temperature for starting a cold-soaked APU on the ground is
  42. The EICAS CRTs (cathode ray tubes) are:
  43. The QRH contains checklist procedures for green Advisory Messages.
  44. Engine Stabilization. Prior to takeoff: Engines must be running at least __________ minutes prior to takeoff.

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