Get Best CLED 300 Quiz 1,2,3,4

Get Best CLED 300 Quiz 1,2,3,4

CLED 300 Quiz 1

  1. The Bible presents a dualism of good and evil, in which the forces of good have been eternally in conflict with the forces of evil.
  2. Biblical theology centers on
  3. The way theology has been done in the Christian church over the centuries.
  4. The rapture is the word about Jesus Christ and what he did for us in order to restore us to a right relationship with God.
  5. God made a ______ with Abraham to make Abraham the father of many nations.
  6. Every Christian is a theologian.
  7. Involves the systematic organization of truths or doctrines under certain headings or topics.
  8. ____ is the link between every part of the Bible and ourselves.
  9. Says the historical promises and events are of significance only for the hidden meanings which lie beneath them.
  10. Management is not the same thing as leadership

CLED 300 Quiz 2

  1. According to Mohler, if a leader has character, that leader is ensured of being effective within his or her organization.
  2. According to Mohler, those who would lead with conviction must read with conviction.
  3. Jesus proclaimed that the Kingdom of God is something that will be restored in the future, and has no immediate fulfillment.
  4. The law of God ultimately provided salvation for the people of Israel.
  5. At the end of the Babylonian captivity, the people of God are spiritually transformed, as is evidenced by the reign of the line of David on the throne.
  6. There is no basis for the idea that the Holy Spirit takes over our responsibility for making wise and godly decisions, or that some kind of inner peace is the criteria for knowing that the right decision has been revealed.
  7. What book of the Bible has four significant passages about the “suffering servant?”
  8. The work of the Holy Spirit is first seen in the Bible at Pentecost.
  9. Jesus fulfills the role of:
  10. According to Mohler, Americans are looking for moral perfection in their political leaders.

CLED 300 Quiz 3

  1. According to Mohler, power is a concept that has been redefined by American culture, and therefore a Christian leader should not seek to lead with power.
  2. At the time of Christ, approximately ______ of the Roman Empire slaved
  3. According to Mohler, storytelling will help any speaker be more effective.
  4. John MacArthur argues that the study of doctrine is not important; rather, the love of God and the love of others is all that is important.
  5. The Greek translation of the Old Testament that was used during Jesus’ day is known as the _______.
  6. The term, “Christian” was originally used as a derogatory term, coined by unbelievers.
  7. Preacher martyred on July 6, 1415, whose teachings influenced Martin Luther to reform the Roman Catholic Church.
  8. The essence of being a Christian is to fulfill one’s personal ambition, personal fulfillment, and personal gratification.
  9. The sole concern of a slave is to
  10. According to MacArthur, submission to the _________ —a heart that works itself out in obedience to Him—is the defining mark of those who are genuinely converted.

CLED 300 Quiz 4

  1. MacArthur argues that believers are not just infected by sin; they are enslaved by it.
  2. Describing this location, Mohler, says “there is no place more likely to remind the leader of the limits of one’s leadership.”
  3. According to Mohler, the leader’s central concern with regard to legacy is the perpetuation of
  4. Because of the corruption and indecency found on the Internet, Mohler suggests that Christian leaders do not have a presence on the Internet.
  5. According to MacArthur, freedom in Christ is not freedom to sin, but freedom from
  6. Mohler likes to keep noisy _______ in his office to remind him to be a faithful steward.
  7. Mohler recommends that Christian leaders speak to every reporter or media outlet that requests an interview, as it is important to proclaim the gospel message to all that would listen.
  8. God calls individuals to be his slaves, which is something that each individual has to do on his or her own ability.
  9. The evidence indicates that most leaders are not good at managing succession and most organizations do little more than hope for the best.
  10. The concept of adoption is a modern idea and was not part of Roman culture at the time of Christ.

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