Get Best CRIS 608 Research Paper

Get Best CRIS 608 Research Paper

Research Paper Assignment

Utilizing information presented in the textbooks as well as theoretical and practical elements from academic and Christian sources, the student will write an original paper of at least 10 pages of body text but no more than 12. The paper must include a title page, abstract, and references in current APA or Turabian standards; the paper must summarize the student’s understanding of violence and spirituality in general or violence and spirituality shown in relationship to some major aspect (domestic, school, sexual, and workplace violence as well as a natural disaster). Also, the paper must address factors necessary for successfully coping with the effects of violence and spiritual and professional approaches to treatment. A minimum of 10 scholarly sources (books and journal articles) is required in addition to the textbooks (if the student chooses to cite these). Grades will be assigned based on the quality of content, how well current APA or Turabian standards are adhered to, the richness of citations utilized, the quality of expression, and the biblical integration presented.


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