Get Best CSIS 312 Quiz 4 

Get Best CSIS 312 Quiz 4


  1. Collections method sort that accepts a List as an argument. It sorts the List elements, which must implement the __________ interface.
  2. Which of these is not an example of a “real-life” collection?
  3. Which statement is false?
  4. The classes and interfaces which comprise the collections framework are members of package ________.
  5. Which statement is false?
  6. A Properties object is a __________ Hashtable object.
  7. The comparator method compare should return ________ if the first argument is greater than the second argument.
  8. Interface Collection contains __________ operations (i.e., operations performed on the entire collection).
  9. Java supports type inferencing with the <> notation in statements that declare and create generic type variables and objects. For example, the following line:
  10. Which statement is false?

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