Get Best EDUC 812 Quiz One-Sample t-Test

Get Best EDUC 812 Quiz One-Sample t-Test


  1. We reject the null hypothesis for the one-sample t-test if
  2. The one-sample t-test is used to determine if there is a difference between a selected sample mean and a population means.
  3. Which of the following is a measure of effect size used for a one-sample t-test?
  4. A researcher plans to do a study to see whether people who exercise every day have different blood pressure as compared to the blood pressure of people who are in the general population. Thus, the independent variable is exercise and the dependent variable is blood pressure. What analysis would be the best choice to analyze the data?
  5. Interpret the effect size (η2) for: t(34) = 2.62, p = .04, η= .01
  6. If the alpha level is .05, then the confidence level is
  7. Normality is best represented visually using a
  8. A Type II error occurs when the researcher did not reject the null when the null is false.
  9. Based on these results, t(90)= 1.87, p= .07, η2 = .13, what can the educational researcher say about the null hypothesis?
  10. Suppose you read the following in a journal. Using a one-sample t-test the author reported that t(23) = 1.27, = .21. Should the author reject or fail to reject the null?
  11. Based on these results, t(90)= 3.66, p = .04, η= .25, what can the educational researcher say about the null hypothesis?
  12. Never make which of the following statements?
  13. If all other values are held constant, what happens to the value of when the sample size increases?:
  14. A researcher plans to do a study to see whether people who eat an all-carbohydrate diet have different cholesterol levels than people in the general public. The dependent variable in this study is
  15. A one-samples t-test is appropriate for seeing a correlation between two variables on a ranked scale.
  16. Interpret the effect size (n2) for: t(90)= 3.66, p= .04, n.138
  17. The Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests for what assumption?
  18. When hundreds or thousands of random samples are drawn from the same population, and a sample statistic such as M is calculated for each sample, the value of M varies across samples. This variation across samples is called ______________. It occurs because, just by chance, some samples contain a few unusually high or low scores.
  19. When looking for extreme outliers using a box and whisker plot, the extreme outliers will have an asterisk (*) next to the data point.
  20. When conducting a one-sample est, the assumption of Normality is tested using:
  21. There are a total of 27,985 students that attend Liberty University Online. Out of those students, there are a total of 4,865 students are enrolled in the Online Education Department at Liberty University. The education department wanted to examine the typical age of students enrolled in Education and found that it was 45 years old compared to the general population at Liberty University which was 31 years old. What is the population mean in this example?
  22. A histogram is used for what purpose when conducting an- sample t-test?
  23. If the Shapiro-Wilks test is statistically significant:
  24. The results of a study that used a one-sample t-test were t(23) = 3.20, = .01. Based on these results, what were the degrees of freedom?
  25. A Type I error occurs when a researcher rejects the null hypothesis when the null hypothesis is correct.


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