Get Best GEOG 410 Quiz 7 Area Analysis

Get Best GEOG 410 Quiz 7 Area Analysis


GEOG 410 Quiz 7: Area Analysis

Module 7: Week 7

  1. Observation and Fields of Fire are particularly important in terms of:
  2. The term COCOA, according to the author, best fits within the concept of area analysis and is generally considered within :
  3. The creation of CENTCOM resulted from:
  4. According to the text area analysts consistently reach sound conclusions if they:
  5. As of this writing there are _____________ geographic combat commands according to the video:
  6. During the Cold War the division of NATO into three major subordinate commands represented a concern that an invasion from ________ could follow three major corridors through AFCENT:
  7. Boundaries on the water include boundaries between naval areas of responsibility and Amphibious assault Boundaries.
  8. The book describes friction as _______ probable when areas of interest and influence overlap.
  9. The first of the unified commands discussed in the video was:
  10. The newest geographic combat command is:
  11. Short Answer-What would be a possible explanation for the decision to draw the lines of geographic combat commands?

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