Get Best GLST 200 Quiz 6 The Gospel

Get Best GLST 200 Quiz 6 The Gospel


GLST 200 Quiz: The Gospel and Human Needs

Module 6: Week 6

  1. The term “rice Christian” refers to someone who becomes a Christian to assure himself and/or his family of getting daily food.
  2. One strategy for alleviating poverty is economic growth. On what do economic growth efforts focus?
  3. One strategy for alleviating poverty is a relief. On what do relief efforts focus?
  4. In the interconnectedness of our global world, Rick Love notes three things we must do simultaneously. What are they?
  5. One strategy for alleviating poverty is political advocacy. On what do political advocacy efforts focus?
  6. Relief assistance should never be conditioned on one’s beliefs or on having to hear the gospel message.
  7. To alleviate poverty, political advocacy has been shown to bring about lasting change with or without transformational development.
  8. In the Willowbank report, which of the following is NOT listed as an aspect of missionary humility?
  9. In the process of Bible translation, which term describes a “literal translation of the form”?
  10. According to Rick Warren, churches must focus on growing large so that they can participate in efforts to tackle the world’s problems.
  11. Bryant Myers lists four ways to understand poverty. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
  12. The “Willowbank Report” is the product of what evangelical entity?
  13. In the process of Bible translation, which term describes a “changing the form in order to preserve the meaning”?
  14. The Willowbank Report arms that true conversion should be conceived invariably and only as an individual experience.
  15. In disastrous circumstances like war and poverty, relief carried out unconditionally by Christians can be a powerful gospel witness.
  16. The Willowbank Report uses the “Incarnation of Christ” as a model for missions. What two words do they use to describe Jesus’ actions?
  17. Which description BEST describe the relationship between meaning (what we want to say) and form (how we say it) in communication?
  18. Voorhees lists four strategies to alleviate poverty. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
  19. According to Jonathan Bonk, what should a missionary do when they discover their way of life and entitlements make them rich by the standards of those around them?
  20. Transformational development focuses on alleviating poverty in the short term.
  21. When addressing poverty, we should always segregate its physical, material, and spiritual dimensions.
  22. Unlike other aspects of culture, views about money are usually the same across cultures.
  23. One way to avoid dependency in missions is to . . .
  24. To understand poverty holistically, Christians should add the gospel to the list of other things the poor do not have.
  25. Rick Love identifies three massive global trends that have profoundly changed our world. Which of the following is NOT one of them?

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