Get Best GOVT 406 Quiz Landlord

Get Best GOVT 406 Quiz Landlord


GOVT 406 Quiz: The Landlord-Tenant Relationship

  1. Amy Geiger had a two-year lease on a Manhattan apartment that began on August 1, 2007, and was to run until July 31, 2009, at a rate of $1200 per month. Amy was assigned to work in the London office of her company from January 1, 2008, until August 31, 2008. Amy wishes to rent her apartment to someone during that time. The landlord:
  2. The implied warranty of habitability:
  3. Which of the following is required for constructive eviction?
  4. Christie Rahberg lives in the Twin Palms apartments. The laundry facilities are closed between the hours of midnight and 5 AM because of the noise of the machines which affects those who live in nearby apartments. Christie has been sneaking into the laundry through a door that is not secured to do her laundry during what should be closed hours. Those who live in the area complained and the landlord put up a surveillance camera and caught Christie entering the laundry and doing her laundry during closed hours. The landlord has imposed a fine of $75 for Christie’s violation. Which of the following statements is true?
  5. Ann Cohen signed a lease for an apartment that required that she pay the first month’s rent of $2,200, the last month’s rent of $2,200, and a cleaning deposit of $350. Ann wonders, “Isn’t it a violation of the law to require someone to pay almost $5,000 to move into an apartment?” Choose from the following your response to Ann:
  6. Beginning about 1998, Allan Fieldgrove leased farmland to Kenny Wilson (Kenny) under an oral year-to-year lease agreement, with an annual term from March 1 through the end of February each year. The rent was paid in cash. The most recent lease between Allan Fieldgrove and Kenny ran from March 1, 2007, through February 29, 2008. Kenny died on August 4, 2007. Cindy Wilson was the sole beneficiary of Kenny’s estate. Mrs. Wilson and her sons continued farming the land after Kenny’s death. On at least four occasions following Kenny’s death, Mrs. Wilson or her sons communicated to Mr. Fieldgrove their intention to continue farming the land in 2008. Mr. Fieldgrove never gave written notice to any member of the Wilson family of his intention to terminate the farm lease. Mrs. Wilson and her sons kept farming the land during 2008. The original lease agreement between Kenny and Fieldgrove was:
  7. Under Section 8 housing policies, which of the following have been upheld by the courts?
  8. Alex Freestone has just signed a six-month lease for an apartment with a rent of $600 per month. Which of the following statements is true?
  9. Which of the following provisions must be included in a lease agreement for that agreement to be valid and enforceable?
  10. Which of the following is an accurate statement about rent control statutes?
  11. In an action for dispossession, the tenant’s defenses are limited.
  12. Rules and regulations that are changed during a tenant’s lease period are inapplicable to that tenant.
  13. At common law, the landlord had no obligation to repair the leased property.
  14. There is no limit on the URLTA on the amount of security deposit or prepaid rent that the landlord can charge.
  15. The doctrine of constructive eviction requires the tenant to move out as one of its elements.
  16. Landlords are not liable when tenants are victims of crimes on the premises.
  17. “To A for 8 years” is an example of a tenancy for years.
  18. Constructive eviction can be partial with an allowance for a reduction in rent.
  19. The implied warranty of habitability does not apply once a tenant moves in.
  20. Prepaid rent may or may not be included in the definition of a security deposit.

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