Get Best HIUS 222 Primary Source Quizzes

Get Best HIUS 222 Primary Source Quizzes



HIUS 222 Primary Source Quiz 1

  1. What natural disaster did Ida Lindgren mention in her diary entries?
  2. Why was Chief Joseph trying to go to Canada?
  3. Why did Chief Joseph choose to surrender 30 miles from the Canadian border?
  4. The Mississippi Black Code forbids interracial marriage.
  5. According to Henry Grady, what did the “new south” represent?
  6. The Dawes Act offered U.S. citizenship to Indians who separated themselves from existing tribes.
  7. Republicans thought that the African-American’s emancipation elevated them to have social and political equality.
  8. According to the Democrats, why had the “scalawags” sided with the “negroes”?
  9. Why does Mr. R.G. Holmes want school to be “compulsory”?
  10. How much money was being made annually by the sale of cotton?

HIUS 222 Primary Source Quiz 2

  1. According to Jacob Riis’s account, how much was the rent a month?
  2. What was a common theme of the Ocala Demands?
  3. Who gave the dedication speech at the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883?
  4. E.B. Du Bois says that Washington’s speeches became a Gospel of ______________.
  5. Who wrote the Ocala Demands?
  6. What is the purpose of Booker T. Washington’s ship story?
  7. Frederick Jackson Turner says that __________ has “allowed a laxity in regard to government affairs and rendered possible the spoils system…”
  8. What did Booker T. Washington believe engaging with your neighbors and people of other races would create?
  9. What did Andrew Carnegie argue about Dreams?
  10. E.B. Du Bois supported T. Washington.

HIUS 222 Primary Source Quiz 3

  1. Which two countries did President McKinley consider giving the islands to?
  2. Who did Secretary of State Hay say held power and authority in China?
  3. What did Alice Paul say struck her the most about the British suffragette movement?
  4. The Anti-Imperialist League was protesting the American subjugation of which area?
  5. What “great policy” does Borah believe Wilson had forfeited by getting involved in European affairs?
  6. What reason did Wilson give as to why the war would strain American partisanship?
  7. What did Roosevelt claim was the price of liberty?
  8. What did Sadie say happened to a worker who was behind in her work?
  9. What did Wilson want more than anything else from the 14 Points Plan?
  10. What “radical tactic” did Alice Paul pioneer?

HIUS 222 Primary Source Quiz 4

  1. President Coolidge believed the press’ “intimate touch” in the business allows for a more reliable newspaper.
  2. According to Mary McLeod Bethune, why were African American women not permitted to serve with the Red Cross during World War I?
  3. Why was the Scottsboro case important according to Angelo Herndon?
  4. Who was president before FDR?
  5. Why did the KKK consider a militaristic form of government necessary?
  6. What did the 1924 Immigration Act establish as the maximum percentage of immigrants allowed into the country compared to the number already living here?
  7. What was the issue at hand in the Scottsboro case?
  8. Who did FDR blame for the depression?
  9. What was Calvin Coolidge’s main concern with the newspapers?
  10. How often did beneficiaries receive payment from Social Security?

HIUS 222 Primary Source Quiz 5

  1. Which court case was brought up frequently regarding the Brown Board decision?
  2. What was the first argument Eisenhower made in his call for a National Highway System?
  3. In Brown Board of Education, the Supreme Court rejected the doctrine of
  4. What threats did George Marshall outline?
  5. What was the main purpose of the National Security Act?
  6. Why did Joseph McCarthy draw a parallel to Abraham Lincoln?
  7. What are the uniting forces that Eisenhower discusses?
  8. How did the creation of the Loyalty Review Board affect the F.B.I.?
  9. Was McCarthy’s speech a declaration against Communism or a declaration against those who were traitors to the United States?
  10. Why did President Truman issued Executive Order 9981?

HIUS 222 Primary Source Quiz 6

  1. What did Johnson ask Congress to do in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution?
  2. Why did President Eisenhower leave the office with a “definite sense of disappointment?”
  3. What do the women of NOW want to be seen as?
  4. Which word describes how Americans generally felt regarding the options concerning the Vietnam War?
  5. While the townspeople and the police force speedily attended to the white riders, they ignored the black riders’ need for medical attention.
  6. Why did others insist that Diem must go?
  7. What did Malcolm X mean when he called himself a black nationalist?
  8. What religion did Malcolm X practice?
  9. President Dwight Eisenhower wanted scientific gains to be made more than anything else.
  10. What does this statement reflect about American sentiment about the war “We have been too often disappointed by the optimism of the American leaders both in Vietnam and Washington, to have faith any longer in the silver linings they find…?”

HIUS 222 Primary Source Quiz 7

  1. In spite of the buildup of nuclear weapons during the Cold War, what was the real crisis facing America during that time according to President Reagan?
  2. What did Tea Party donations go to?
  3. What did Gloria Steinem believe was one of the results of the sex-based myths she mentioned?
  4. What dimension did Jerry Falwell in his Listen Americaadd to the Equal Rights Amendment debate?
  5. What did Elaine Kim’s father become after moving to America and why did she dislike the path her family took?
  6. According to the United States-China Communique of 1972, how did the two countries agree to stay in contact?
  7. What amendment did Justice Blackmun believe encompassed the right to abortion?
  8. What was the crucial question threatening the normalization of relations between China and the United States?
  9. Although there were essential differences between China and the United States in their social systems and foreign policies, the two sides agreed on all the following EXCEPT
  10. Which of the following was not a principle of the Tea Party?

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