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  1. According to McClellan, the forms of checks and balances that were incorporated in the U.S. Constitution were derived from Raman precedents and from colonial experiences.
  2. According to Kickler, Americans considered Edward Coke’s books and legal theories useful to question Parliament’s domination of American colonial affairs.
  3. According to Kickler, the American Revolution was only a tax revolt.
  4. In the United States, the supreme law of the land contains articles and amendments.
  5. According to McClellan, Edmund Burke was an intellectual ally of American colonists in the British Parliament.
  6. According to McClellan, common law principles influence the “unwritten” parts of the U.S. Constitution.
  7. According to McClellan, American founders believed that the only hope for preserving liberty was offered by republicanism.
  8. According to Kickler, in general, constitutions cultivate the rule of law.
  9. According to McClellan, the foundation of Anglo-American liberties is
  10. According to McClellan, Patrick Henry believed predicting future events relied extensively on
  11. According to McClellan, what were the political concepts of the Roman Republic that the founders adopted? Give a short description for each.
  12. Which one was not a British thinker who influenced the American founders?
  13. The French Revolution sought to restore
  14. Americans considered Edward Coke’s books and legal theories useful to question Parliament’s domination of American colonial affairs.
  15. Many American founders were rarely versed in literature and philosophy. Selected
  16. The American Revolution was rooted in a constitutional tradition that favored liberty, order, and justice.
  17. Common law helped American colonists defend their
  18. Compared to the French Revolutionaries, American revolutionaries were concerned about
  19. The framers did not form political concepts from
  20. The framers were familiar with Edward Gibbon’s 1796 publication
  21. The Constitution is separated from and disconnected from the past.
  22. Why did the members of the Philadelphia Convention choose to write a new constitution instead of amending the Articles of Confederation?
  23. The Mayflower Compact did NOT
  24. Shay’s Rebellion of 1786 revealed that the Article of Confederation gave too much power to the national government.
  25. As early as 1607, American colonists claimed rights as Englishmen. Many, however, were indentured servants. Many indentured servants later became landholders and slave owners.
  26. The Articles of Confederation took effect almost immediately after it was drafted.
  27. To change the Articles of Confederation, a majority vote was needed.
  28. The majority of the Declaration of Independence is a list of grievances against the Crown and Parliament.
  29. Americans wholeheartedly wished to separate from Great Britain.
  30. John Adams is known as the “father of American constitutionalism.”
  31. The Declaration of Independence not only put forth a philosophical appeal based on equal rights but also argued that Americans had the rights of Englishmen.
  32. The Articles of Confederation was the United States’ first constitution.
  33. What is the “common law” and how does it differ from equity law and civil law?
  34. According to McClellan, the Virginia Plan called for
  35. According to McClellan reflecting on the ideas of James  Madison,  which form of government is America NOT?
  36. According to McClellan, the Randolph Plan was the first plan proposed by the champions of a strong national government.
  37. As discussed in McClellan’s book, the Three-Fifths Compromise
  38. ensured that the smaller states retained the idea of one state, one vote.
  39. According to McClellan, Alexander Hamilton desired to make states mere agencies within a national government.
  40. As revealed in McClellan’s book, who presented the “New Jersey Plan?”
  41. As revealed in McClellan’s book, which delegate chaired the committee assigned to draft the Articles of Confederation?
  42. According to McClellan, the Philadelphia Convention was a spirited and raucous meeting, with delegates harshly disagreeing and forming longtime political divisions.
  43. As discussed in McClellan’s book, which delegate shaped the principal provisions of the US Constitution more than anyone else?
  44. As discussed in McClellan’s book, the American government was created as a national government in which the states had limited power.
  45. What were the four main issues of the Philadelphia Convention as presented by Dr. Roberts? Briefly explain each.
  46. Anti-federalists believed in a decentralized and more federal government than did the Federalists.
  47. The Anti-federalist concerns did NOT
  48. The Bill of Rights became part of the Constitution in
  49. The Constitution was drafted, signed, and submitted to the state ratification conventions in
  50. The Federalist believed the Constitution would maintain liberty, order, and justice while the Anti-federalists believed it threatened those values.
  51. The Federalists believed a Bill of Rights was unnecessary because the Constitution was itself a bill of rights.
  52. The best commentary regarding the Constitution is The Federalist.
  53. This Anti-Federalist started the debate regarding whether the Constitution needed a declaration of rights.
  54. To understand original intent, one should consult
  55. Virginia and New York were among the first states to ratify/approve the Constitution.
  56. According to McClay, American patriotism involves something that is personal.
  57. According to McClay, American patriotism is a simple matter.
  58. According to McClay, American patriotism needs to identify with the local, the familiar.
  59. According to McClay, patriotism in the modern-day United States is different than in ancient Sparta.
  60. According to McClay, American patriots love their country for two reasons: it is their own country, and because he or she loves the ideals for which their country stands.
  61. Alexander Hamilton preferred an agrarian lifestyle while Thomas Jefferson preferred a restless, inventive commercial lifestyle.
  62. America is exclusively an idea.
  63. An understanding of the Declaration of Independence and its values, alone, fosters a sense of American patriotism.
  64. Choose one. Are societal forces tending to promote national homogeneity or local and regional pride?
  65. Is America a(n)
  66. It has been observed that the American Constitution was a “revolutionary document.” Explain.

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