Get Best HIUS 380 Quiz 4

Get Best HIUS 380 Quiz 4



  1. After the May 1, 1951 peace talks began according to the test, what percent of casualties occurred in the Korean War?
  2. The first pathetic attempt by a U.S. Army task force to stop the North Korean army rolling south was called:
  3. General Ridgway introduced “meat grinder tactics” that attempted to trade ________ for
  4. The Korean War’s end of active combat resulted in:
  5. The Korean War marked a turn from the Post World War II:
  6. By June 1950, on the eve of the Korean War which of the following statements is true?
  7. The static phase of the Korean War saw the initiation of a program designed to:
  8. By August 18, 1950, North Koreans attacked American troops where?
  9. The major hill battles of the static phase of the Korean War included:
  10. The Korean War is important because it represented the beginning of:
  11. The military dictator of North Korea was:
  12. The landing at Inchon faced what major difficulty?
  13. After the Yalu River froze, the Chinese entered Korea with up to how many soldiers by November 25th?
  14. The Korean leader who had connections with the U.S. and within the Christian community of Korea would be:
  15. The line drawn across the Korean Peninsula occurred at what parallel?

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