Get Best HSCO 506 Quiz 2

Get Best HSCO 506 Quiz 2

Quiz: Roles of Christian Counselors

HSCO 506 Quiz 2

  1. One counseling benefit of Nouwen’s polarities model of spiritual formation is that we find clues as to typical counseling problems. If a client was at the “loneliness” end of the pole, he/she might be struggling with
  2. What propels a level of professionalism in Christian counseling?
  3. In the context of the discussion of Christian counseling as a spiritual enterprise, the lecture talked about “receiving grace” and “refining grace.” What is the main idea behind that discussion?
  4. The lecture talked about internal dissonance as one reason for personal suffering. What can we say about that?
  5. If we take into account the Formation Field approach to spiritual formation in our counseling, what is true?
  6. According to the lecture, the term “spirituality” primarily denotes
  7. How does the rate-limiting factor mentioned in the lecture and by McMinn relate to counseling?
  8. When clients come to a Christian counselor expecting to have “spirituality” included in counseling, what must we keep in mind?
  9. What is the main insight in Nouwen’s polarities model?
  10. From the lecture discussion of the METAMORPH grid, what is a true statement below?
  11. What would a counselor do as an “engineer” as relates to multi-tasking in Christian counseling?
  12. All of the models of spiritual formation have one of the same elements, which is
  13. From the METAMORPH perspective, what does it mean when the grid follows the idea of “many theories and techniques in service of a Christian worldview?”
  14. Brewer’s model of spiritual formation emphasizes the necessary relationships in the life of our counselee. What is true of his approach?
  15. What is the idea behind the faith tradition vs. the formation tradition in the context of spirituality; why is focusing on our formation tradition important in counseling?
  16. The lectures talked about creating “free space” in the process of counseling suffering clients. What is a true statement from that discussion?
  17. Which list below provides some of the best suggestions for building a therapeutic relationship in a Christian counseling session?
  18. In counseling suffering people, what principle is true from the lectures?
  19. In providing hospitality and solidarity to a suffering client, what is true?
  20. From the lecture, McMinn discusses “Three Continuous Assessment Dimensions.” Which statement below is NOT one of them?
  21. One way to move your counselee from “stranger” to friend, is to ask the tough questions.
  22. It is not really important that a counselor assess his/her own feelings toward a potential client.
  23. There is little connection between a counselor’s worldview and the theory that a counselor chooses to promote healing.
  24. We can be “pleasantly inflexible” in our counseling by holding on to our foundational set of beliefs.
  25. The key idea of spirituality is to have a unified life.
  26. According to the lecture, the fact that psychologists sometimes talk about “spirituality” gives affirmation to the yearning for experiences that all people seem to have.
  27. The lecture emphasized that a characteristic of Christian counseling was an absolute reliance on technique.
  28. Clarifying your role as a counselor can actually contribute to healing for a suffering client.
  29. With regard to attribution theory, as counselors, we need to recognize that people are responsible for their own behavior but at the same time also respond to external events.
  30. Consistent with the concept of hospitality is the expectation that there should always be conversation in the counseling relationship.

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