Get Best HSER 270 Morality Framework

Get Best HSER 270 Morality Framework



The paper must align with the following guidelines:

  • Use the morality framework (Step 1, #1–10, and Step 2) on pages 41–46 to analyze the ethical dilemma. Please number the steps in your paper and use level two headings to organize your paper. Do not write this portion in paragraph form.
    • If any of the steps are not applicable to your situation, please note this in your paper. Simply leaving the steps out, or marking them N/A will result in a loss of points. You need to explain why the step is not applicable, in order to demonstrate your understanding of each particular step. Thoughtful analysis for each step should be applied here.
  • Re-evaluate your initial “gut” solution.
    • Now that you have worked through your initial solution utilizing the framework, analyze your solution. This section should demonstrate an ability to see all sides of a dilemma and make decisions that reflect ethical helping professional values and a focus on the client. Simply stating, “I still agree with my initial reaction,” will not suffice here.
  • Describe at least two alternative solutions and provide a rationale for each. At least 1 of the solutions must reflect a biblical worldview, and you must support this solution with scripture and biblical principles. This area should reflect your ability to conceptualize alternative actions, and how those actions will impact your client.
  • Discuss how you could use supervision and consultations as a resource when evaluating the potential solutions.
    • What would be the benefit of talking with your supervisor about this dilemma? How would you approach your supervisor about this situation?
    • Are there others who would be appropriate to consult about this particular situation? If so, who and how do you think they could be of assistance to you?
    • What additional resources could you examine (e.g. agency policy, State or federal laws, etc.) to assist you in evaluating the potential solutions?

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