Get Best Liberty THEO 350 Discussion 3 

Get Best Liberty THEO 350 Discussion 3



Topic: As evangelicals debate the merits of Calvinism and Arminianism, the one point where proponents of either side often abandon their system is in the area of eternal security.  However, evangelicals are not all in agreement over this issue, and even those who affirm that one cannot lose their salvation due to sinful actions may nevertheless believe that one can lose their salvation due to apostasy (a willful rejection of faith in Christ).  In this discussion, state and defend your position on eternal security, and in doing so, address particular concerns such as how your view of Christian fruit-bearing, backsliding, and apostasy play into your overall view of eternal security.  Furthermore, address the differences and similarities between the doctrine of eternal security and the doctrine of assurance, and how these doctrines impact one another.


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