Get Best Liberty University APOL 104 Test 1

Get Best Liberty University APOL 104 Test 1

  • The goal of __________ is to determine what the original human author(s) wrote and published.
  • Preaching “the Word” only refers to the Old Testament since the writing of II Timothy 4:2 was before the New Testament was completed.
  • The story of Ignatius is significant in that he was willing to go to his death proclaiming…
  • The church fathers showed that they understood the importance of Jesus’ historicity when they crafted the _______________ Creed
  • A biblical worldview is a perspective or viewpoint based on the teachings of the Bible.
  • Which of the following is not characteristic of the Bible?
  • Studying worldviews helps us better _______.
  • This course (Apologetics 104) will be approaching the issue of “worldview”
  • According to Dr. Weider, the Christian faith is both reasonable and defendable.
  • Because of the respect that people had for the Apostle Paul his message of Jesus Christ was accepted by almost everyone who heard him.
  • When Jesus presented the gospel most people accepted it the first time they heard it.
  • Being capable of rational thought, humans realize that reality must be conformed to ones beliefs not the other way around.
  • Upon returning to the Decapolis region a second time after healing the crazed man who had been cutting himself with rocks, Jesus:
  • According to Dr. Lee Strobel, historical truth is not relevant or important to Christianity.
  • According to Powell, Christianity can be understood as an “antidote” rather than a lifestyle choice or part of a well-balanced religious view.
  • One of the first tasks of Christian apologetics is to provide information.
  • The Greek word for “preach” is a first-century word meaning “to proclaim” and implies passion produced by one’s belief.
  • According to Powell, the majority of Christian apologetics takes place in academic classrooms.
  • The word worldview is derived from two Greek words meaning “world” and “perception.”
  • Ignatius was the Bishop of what ancient city?

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