Get Best Liberty University BIOL 102 Quiz 4 

Get Best Liberty University BIOL 102 Quiz 4

Set 1
  1. Blood pressure receptors are located in the.
  2. On which portion of the hemoglobin molecule does oxygen bind?
  3. A physician is listening to a patient’s heart and notices an abnormal “dup” sound on the left side. This indicates a potential problem with the.
  4. Fluid that leaves the capillaries is returned to the blood by the.
  5. The pelvic organs receive blood from the.
  6. A heart attack occurs when cardiac cells receive an inadequate supply of.
  7. Which blood component determines plasma fluid volume?
  8. The heart condition caused by Lyme disease infection is a generator
  9. In response to a mismatched blood transfusion, the body produces.
  10. Which type of white blood cell secretes inflammatory chemicals?
  11. Which of the following is found in the generator circulation?
  12. The defense response against a mismatched transfusion is called
  13. The most dangerous arrhythmia is.
  14. For a normal, healthy individual, what percentage of whole blood is plasma?
  15. Which part of the cardiac conduction system fires off impulses at the fastest rate?
  16. In which structure is the major cardiac pacemaker cells located?
  17. What initiates the extrinsic clotting mechanism?
  18. Which type of molecule is considered “good cholesterol”?
  19. Blood passing out of arterioles next enters the.
  20. The term that means to “stop bleeding” is.
  21. Which type of vessel offers the most resistance to blood flow?
  22. Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for hypertension?
  23. The pulmonary valve.
  24. During ventricular contraction which valve closes to prevent blood from reentering the right atrium?
  25. Which method is used to prevent hemolytic newborn disease?
Set 2
  1. In a resting person every minute, 20% of the blood enters the ____.​
  2. The heart condition caused by a Streptococcus infection is ____.​
  3. Blood leaving the left ventricle must pass by which structure before entering the aorta?​
  4. ​Which blood type is rare?
  5. The pulmonary circuit of blood flow pumps blood to the ____.​
  6. The systemic circulation of blood flow begins when blood enters the ____.​
  7. ​What initiates the extrinsic clotting mechanism?
  8. The pulmonary veins deliver blood to the ____.​
  9. ​The first step in the prevention of blood loss from an injured vessel is ____.
  10. Blood leaving the legs and pelvis returns to the heart through the ____.​
  11. ​Plasma consists mostly of ____.
  12. When LDLs infiltrate a vessel wall, which cells make the situation worse by activating the inflammatory response?​
  13. In which structure would you find oxygenated blood?​
  14. A heart attack occurs when cardiac cells receive an inadequate supply of ____.​
  15. What percentage of heart cells are part of the cardiac conduction system?​
  16. ​The target tissue for erythropoietin is ____.
  17. Movement of skeletal muscles helps propel blood through ____.​
  18. ​Fever, weight loss, and internal bleeding are possible signs of ____.
  19. ​When the amount of oxygen in the blood falls, the kidneys release ____.
  20. ​Aspirin helps prevent blood clots by ____.
  21. Exchange of materials between blood and tissues depends upon ____.​promptly
  22. The tough tendon-like structures that anchor the AV valves are the ____.​
  23. What regulates blood flow through a capillary bed?​
  24. Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for hypertension?​
  25. ​A woman who is Rhbecomes pregnant by a man who is Rh+. Which statement is true?

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