Get Best Liberty University BUSI 504 Quiz 2 

Get Best Liberty University BUSI 504 Quiz 2


  1. There are two basic forms of data collection: questionnaires and interviews.
  2. Speaking openly and honestly can be a risky undertaking in organizations.
  3. Organizations seeking to create a dialogue will need to create ____________.
  4. A ____________ is any individual possessing a broad range of diagnostic and developmental skills who facilitates a change intervention.
  5. In structured interviews, the interviewer prepares a set of questions to be asked of all respondents.
  6. The process of ____________ can help build motivation and commitment to altering patterns of behavior.
  7. Removing the artifacts of status differentials is called:
  8. Targeting an organizational system guided by a framework that focuses on interactions refers to which guiding principles of organizational diagnosis?
  9. Ideally, diagnosis targets only specific elements of the organization.
  10. What are the basic forms of data collection?
  11. ____________ is the process by which individuals receive data from the external environment, analyze that data, and adjust their thinking and behaviors accordingly.
  12. The primary goal of dialogue in organizational diagnosis is:
  13. After-action reviews are valuable because they:
  14. Centralizing pushes decision making down to lower levels and can occur separately or be combined with delayering.
  15. ____________ are self-administered paper-and-pencil or computer-based data-collection forms.
  16. Which of the following data collection lends itself to being validated on a wider scale?
  17. ____________ is a structural change that pushes decision making down to lower levels of the organization.
  18. Diagnosis can create a consensus among the stakeholders, not just about what needs to be changed, but also how to bring about that change.
  19. In order to be useful, dialogue must be structured in such a way as to arrive at the specific desired conclusions determined beforehand.
  20. Egalitarianism aims to increase representation from multiple levels into the dialogue.
  21. The process of organizational diagnosis is aimed at determining:
  22. Organizational silence is caused by horizontal and vertical power distances.
  23. One of the advantages of diagnostic interviews over questionnaires is that interviews:
  24. Discovery is the process of systematically collecting data about the organization using a systemic framework.
  25. Delayering refers to the practice of eliminating hierarchical barriers from an organization.
  26. An organization’s level of integration is best determined by examining:
  27. Changing an organization’s design is a process known as ____________.
  28. Autonomy refers to the degree to which the performance of the task has a substantial impact on outcomes that are deemed important to employees, to the organization and/or to society as a whole.
  29. The statement “the degree to which the job provides substantial discretion to the individual in scheduling work and determining procedures for carrying it out” refers to which element of job description?
  30. Pilot projects should be implemented in units where the change is most likely to be successful.
  31. Company Y introduces a new system of job design that includes a renewed focus on customer service. This would be considered:
  32. ____________ refers to the internalized desire of employees to expend energy and discretionary effort on behalf of the goals of the organization.
  33. The manner in which work is performed is most fundamental to high employee commitment design.
  34. ____________ refers to the advantages of efficiency and effectiveness conferred by the combined effect of interaction and collaboration among multiple units.
  35. Company X implements a new system of rewards for its supervisors. This would be considered:
  36. ____________ refers to design elements called upon to establish order, create predictability, and ensure efficiencies of operation.
  37. High integration enables the organization to achieve efficient operations among different functions, departments, and units.
  38. Integration refers to the required level of coordination across differentiated functions, units and divisions.
  39. Compensation and measurement are components of formal design elements.
  40. High employee commitment can improve organizational performance by enhancing productivity, creativity, collaboration and the willingness to change.
  41. Pilot projects are an effective way to test out a strategic change process by focusing on one small unit or process at the early stage of change implementation.
  42. Pushing down operational decision making to employees with the “best information” is intended to unleash motivation and creativity.
  43. Change pilots are best described as:
  44. Which of the following is NOT an approach that characterizes high-commitment design?
  45. Which of the following applies to traditional control mechanisms?
  46. Integration is the degree to which different functions are allowed to develop their own response to the environment.
  47. Informal design addresses questions of ____________.
  48. In selecting a pilot project, organizational leaders should focus on units where resistance to change is highest.
  49. Decentralization enables different functions, departments and units in an organization to develop their own responses to their particular goals and unique competitive environments.
  50. Reporting structures are components of informal design elements.

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