Get Best Liberty University CEFS 521 Quiz 4 

Get Best Liberty University CEFS 521 Quiz 4

  • The best way for a counselor to familiarize himself/herself with a test is to:
  • An instrument is considered ____________ if differences in results are attributable to demographic variables (e.g., gender, race, ethnicity, culture, age, language, geographic region, etc.) rather than to the construct being measured.
  • The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory is considered a(n):
  • Scoring performance assessments typically involve _______________________.
  • The first question to ask when evaluating and selecting an assessment instrument is:
  • A(n) _______________________ to interpreting assessment results involves examining score variations across the individuals who took the same test.
  • All of the following are examples of practical issues that should be considered when evaluating and selecting assessment instruments, except:
  • The best source of information and critical reviews about commercial tests is the
  • ______________ instruments may be used by practitioners who have a graduate degree in psychology, counseling, education, or related disciplines; or have completed specialized training or coursework in assessment; or have licensure or certification documenting training and experience in assessment.
  • A source of assessment instrument information that may present a biased picture of the instrument is the:
  • What is the primary purpose of a structured interview?
  • The following is an excerpt from Tom’s written MSE of a new client: “The client presented as somewhat disheveled and unkempt, but was cooperative and friendly. The client was aware of date, time, and place, and reported no hallucinations or delusions.” All of the following MSE categories were noted in this excerpt EXCEPT:
  • With regard to best practices and multicultural considerations what should you, the clinician, DO as part of the clinical assessment?
  • In using the Bender-Gestalt to screen for “emotional indicators,” or emotional-behavior problems in children, which of the following pairs is CORRECT?
  • Rachel presents with the following symptoms: excessive worry, constantly feeing “tense,” and sleep disturbances. She further reports smoking marijuana occasionally to help her relax. Which combination of tests would probably be most appropriate as part of Rachel’s initial clinical assessment?
  • Which of the following is a Cluster B Personality Disorder in the DSM-5?
  • Counselor Jessica is interested in gathering data about the efficacy of a specific group therapy program for eating disorders. As such, she co-facilitates a six-week eating disorder treatment group. Jessica is utilizing ____________ observation?
  • Why is it crucial for mental health professionals to be skilled in Suicide Risk Assessment?
  • The Child Behavior Checklist is comprised of several different types of scales. Which of the following is an element of the “Competence” scale?
  • Which of the following best describes “visuospatial skills?”


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