Get Best Liberty University CJUS 330 Test 2 

Get Best Liberty University CJUS 330 Test 2

  1. The three most prominent defendant characteristics used in the discussion of crime and crime policy are:
  2. Felony defendants are most likely to:
  3. Which race of defendants is mostly like to be imprisoned?
  4. Concerning, victims are unlikely to appear in sentencing.
  5. What is the lack of cooperation by victims and witnesses in low-income, high-crime neighborhoods often called?
  6. As prosecutorial dominance increased in the United States, the power of victims declined.
  7. Witnesses generally feel that the police, prosecutor, and judge explain witnesses’ rights and duties properly.
  8. Arrests do not always lead to prosecutions.
  9. Some studies focusing on victims have identified ways in which the courts have ignored the interests of victims and witnesses.
  10. In roughly half the crimes of violence, the defendant and victim had a prior relationship.
  11. Prosecutors consider both legal and extra-legal focal concerns when making a charging decision. Which of the following is an extra-legal focal concern?
  12. The role of the prosecutor involves two major characteristics: decentralization and what else?
  13. The role of the prosecutor involves each of the following EXCEPT:
  14. The Solicitor General’s office generally requests Supreme Court review only in cases with a high degree of significance and in which:
  15. In which case did the Supreme Court rule that prosecutors enjoy only qualified immunity from civil lawsuits for actions taken during criminal investigations and statements made during news conferences?
  16. The role of the prosecutor involves little discretion.
  17. S. Attorneys enjoy full authority and control in the areas of personnel management, financial management, and procurement.
  18. Most modern prosecutors in the United States hold a public office.
  19. The three major agencies involved in prosecution in state courts are the state attorney general, the chief prosecutor, and the local prosecutor.
  20. Local prosecutors are also called city attorneys.
  21. An advantage to the public defender system is that:
  22. What is one of the most important tasks of defense attorneys?
  23. In which case did the U.S. Supreme Court hold that indigent defendants charged with a felony are entitled to the services of a lawyer paid for by the government?
  24. In which of the following cases was it decided that indigent felony defendants in federal court are entitled to court-appointed counsel?
  25. The three major ways of providing indigents with court-appointed attorneys are: (1) assigned counsel, (2) contract systems, and (3) public defender. Which of the following is true about these different ways of providing indigents with court-appointed attorneys?
  26. Legal ethics seek to ensure that lawyers will zealously advocate for their clients.
  27. Despite the legal presumption of innocence, once defendants are arrested, the public assumes they are guilty.
  28. To defense attorneys, winning a case rarely means an acquittal.
  29. Unassigned council systems involve the appointment by the court of private attorneys from a list of available attorneys on an as-needed basis.
  30. Defense attorneys are not allowed to be present during grand jury hearings.
  31. Which term means allegations of judicial wrongdoing?
  32. Which state was the first to adopt a modern and practical system for disciplining its judges?
  33. In evaluating which judicial selection system is best, it is important to determine if one system produces better judges than another. Judicial folklore has long held that particular systems may produce superior judges. Several studies have systematically analyzed this folklore. Researchers use measurable judicial credentials, such as education and prior legal experience, as indicators of judicial quality.
  34. What percentage of federal judges had prior government experience?
  35. Which minority has the largest representation on benches of state courts?
  36. If state judicial conduct commissions find merit to a complaint about a judge, they often implement formal sanctions immediately.
  37. Research indicates that whether elected by voters, appointed by the governor or selected through merit plans, state judges are more alike than different.
  38. Judges who fail to move their docket may be transferred to less desirable duties.
  39. When the executive or the legislature selects judges, fewer district attorneys become judges.
  40. Critics of judicial elections assert that they are fundamentally inconsistent with the principle of judicial independence.

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