Get Best Liberty University CJUS 361 Quiz 1 

Get Best Liberty University CJUS 361 Quiz 1


  1. Depth of field can be controlled by:
  2. True or False: In Forensic Photography having a perfectly exposed photograph in every area of the picture is always the only way to capture all information about the evidence and the only solution to getting the evidence documented.
  3. In CJUS 361 the type of photographs you are required to take are in the format of:
  4. Which F-Stop was likely used for this image (which has very little DOF)? DOF.JPG
  5. Which of the following is referred to as the Cardinal Rules of Forensic Photography?
  6. The drawbacks of a high ISO and a slow shutter speed are:
  7. Which of the following is the largest aperture opening, allowing the most light?
  8. Crime Scene Photography dates back to what year?
  9. An overexposed photograph will appear
  10. True or False: A Professional Crime Scene Photographer will only use a digital SLR camera?
  11. True or False: Digital images are NOT permitted in the courtroom because they can be manipulated digitally.
  12. What is the “rule of thirds” referring to?
  13. The meaning of word “photography” is defined as with.
  14. The triangle of exposure discussed by the author of the textbook includes light in the middle of the triangle and ISO, F-Stop & Shutter Speed making up the three corners of the exposure triangle.
  15. What are two common image file formats used within many digital cameras, especially with crime scene photography?
  16. The SLR camera is one of the most popular types of camera used in forensic photography. What does SLR stand for?
  17. Film Speed or ISO refers to:
  18. Which of the following directly impacts exposure?
  19. What does the shutter speed of 1/125 mean?
  20. The best method for crime scene photographs today could be safely considered that of the:

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