Get Best Liberty University CRIS 303 Quiz 2 

Get Best Liberty University CRIS 303 Quiz 2


  1. Some individuals may not experience any significant reactions for a long period of time and then when faced with a major life stressor.
  2. According to the text, triggers are events, objects, or environments that cause survivors to recall traumatic memories.
  3. In 4-6 sentences, please discuss how your understanding has changed on how an individual diagnosed with PTSD is impacted on a daily basis.
  4. Which of the below is not a factor that influences recovery from trauma, according to our text?
  5. The closer the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator, the greater the effects of the trauma.
  6. A pre-existing condition can include mental illness or a chronic medical condition.
  7. Internally recounting and constantly replaying the event is an example of a:
  8. Approximately percent of those diagnosed with PTSD have another lifetime diagnosis.
  9. When traumatic reactions interfere with social and occupational functioning within weeks of an incident, Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) is likely a diagnosis.
  10. An example of higher cognitive ability is negative self-talk when under distress.
  11. Emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and physical reactions are not necessarily unhealthy or maladaptive, but rather are normal responses to abnormal events.
  12. According to the text, findings indicate that more than a percent of trauma survivors diagnosed with ASD developed PTSD six months later.
  13. Decreased levels of cortisol were found among individuals who suffer from chronic
  14. is the most common disorder concurrent with
  15. Cortisol acts as a counterbalance to adrenaline and plays an important role in redistributing energy when a person is under stress. Considering this, high cortisol levels
  16. A trauma survivor is not more susceptible to physical disease.
  17. The release of hormones in the brain and body triggers the or response in humans.
  18. Resiliency is the term applied to individuals exposed to severe risk factors and nevertheless
  19. In diagnostic terms, complex PTSD is also known as:
  20. Which of these severely compromises opportunities for recovery:

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