Get Best Liberty University EDCO 740 Quiz 3 

Get Best Liberty University EDCO 740 Quiz 3

  1. In the early 1970s, many cigarette smokers began to look for alternatives that would reduce the risk of lung cancer.  Which choice is NOT one of those ways mentioned?
  2. Although lung cancer [in general] is not common, about _______ percent of all lung cancers occur in smokers.
  3. What factor has influenced the decline in cigarette use in the United States?
  4. The most effective delivery system for nicotine into the body is by
  5. Which method below can prevent cancer from tobacco use?
  6. Annual “smoking-attributable mortality” of premature deaths in the U.S. is estimated at
  7. _____________________ made it illegal in 1908 for a woman to use tobacco in public.
  8. People who switch to low-tar and nicotine-brand cigarettes
  9. Beginning in the 1950s, tobacco companies began offering ___________________ cigarettes by promoting the idea that they were “safer.”
  10. Pregnant smokers have more spontaneous ____________________ than pregnant nonsmokers.
  11. About 90 percent of the more than 40 million former smokers in the U.S. report that
  12. The first advertisement showing a ___________________ smoking appeared in 1919.
  13. Inhaling cigarette smoke from the environment by a non-smoker is called:
  14. For years, tobacco companies had succeeded in winning lawsuits seeking compensation for the health consequences of smoking by using which tactic?
  15. The unique xanthine in chocolate is known as __________________ .
  16. In 1909, the FDA seized a supply of Coca-Cola syrup and charged it with misbranding because it contained “no coca and little if any cola,” and contained an added, poisonous ingredient called _________________.
  17. A tax on this substance ignited the colonies to begin to rebel against England in 1773.
  18. There is some indication that relatively high doses of _________________ may decrease hyperactivity, though not as well as methylphenidate.
  19. Most regular brewed teas have about how much caffeine per cup.
  20. The most consistent withdrawal symptom after chronic caffeine use is
  21. The first reliable reference of tea being used as a medicinal plant is by the _______________ around 350AD.
  22. Caffeine has been shown to be an effective treatment for
  23. Caffeine is found in a variety of substances we ingest for pleasure.  Which substance below is NOT one of the ones the text mentions?
  24. According to the USDA, there are five countries that grow the most coffee.  Which country below is NOT one of those five?
  25. In looking over the amount of caffeine in popular soft and energy drinks, which one has the most caffeine?
  26. There are three xanthines of primary importance.  Which choice is NOT one of those three?
  27. basis
  28. Although pain relief is now the major medical use for opioids, they have been used to save many lives (especially in underdeveloped countries) because of their ability to
  29. Which answer below is NOT one of the main growing and production areas of heroin by the late 20th century?
  30. _____________________ are drugs that are used to block the actions of the opioid being abused.
  31. Opioid overdose can be diagnosed on the basis of these three sets of signs:
  32. Enkephalins, endorphins, and dynorphins are
  33. The major therapeutic indication for opioids is relatively specific to:
  34. For the heroin user, the text gives several misconceptions about its use.  Which choice below is NOT one of those misconceptions?
  35. After morphine, the second most important alkaloid derived from opium is:
  36. _____________________ is approximately 100 times as potent as morphine.
  37. The earliest recorded use of opium as a medicine was probably by
  38. Naloxone, nalorphine, and naltrexone are examples of
  39. Which overdose symptom is NOT considered to be part of the “opioid triad.”
  40. In the 1950s and 1960s, ______________ were promoted by physicians as treatments for several medical conditions ranging from anxiety to schizophrenia.
  41. An interesting phenomenon reported by LSD users in which “sounds might appear as visual images” is called:
  42. The primary active agent in most psychedelic mushrooms is called:
  43. Which answer below is a possible negative side-effect of ingesting MDMA?
  44. Which answer below was thought to be a potential treatment for therapeutic uses of LSD with clients?
  45. PCP has also been known as:
  46. A potential line of research investigates the ability of ketamineto treat _________________________ disorders.
  47. Who was instrumental in popularizing LSD use among the general public?
  48. Which method of ingesting renders DMT to be normally ineffective when tried?
  49. Which plant puts a fly that sucks its juice into a stupor for two to three hours, and is one of the most common poisonous plants found in forests in many parts of the world?
  50. The most potent of the psychedelics, and the one that brought these types of drugs into the public eye in the 1960s, is:

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