Get Best Liberty University EDUC 306 Quiz 3 

Get Best Liberty University EDUC 306 Quiz 3

  • Most Wikipedia entries are not validated by experts.
  • It is appropriate to use Wikipedia as a source for information that you cannot find elsewhere.
  • When conducting interviews, it is important to get the written consent of all interview subjects.
  • Which Boolean search term is the best starting place for your topic? Several of your search results note that they include abstracts. What is an abstract?
  • Which of the following statements regarding paraphrases and summaries is not correct?
  • A student wishes to paraphrase findings by a former U.S. Secretary of State who headed a team of international observers assigned to monitor elections in a foreign country. The Secretary wrote about the experience in a book that included the phrase “the electoral results were clouded by fraud.” Which of the following correctly and effectively integrates a paraphrase or summary of the Secretary’s findings?
  • It is important to delineate source boundaries so that
  • Which of the following can be used to delineate source boundaries?
  • Check all of the passages that clearly delineate the difference between the source material and the writer’s ideas.
  • Which of the following is not acceptable when altering a source quotation to fit your paper?
  • True or false? When altering a quote, square brackets should be used to mark added words, deleted words, and changes to verb tense or capitalization.
  • Read the following quote by Oscar Wilde, and select all instances where the quote has been altered fairly and accurately.“I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their intellects. A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies.”
  • Below is a passage from the Seneca Falls Declaration (1848) by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, followed by a series of quotations from this passage. Choose the option that adds, deletes, or replaces quotation marks to quote from the passage accurately. If a sentence is acceptable as is, choose “Sentence is already correct.”
  • Since the words beginning with that are taken directly from the passage, they need to be enclosed in quotation marks. The words are superior in obligation to any other quotation within a quotation, so they are set off by single quotation marks. Since those words also end the quote, a double quotation mark follows the closing single quotation mark.
  • This section tests your understanding of how to correctly introduce a quotation in your writing, punctuate a sentence containing a quotation, and indicate where you have modified a quotation. Each of the questions that follow presents several versions of a sentence that quotes from the Declaration of Independence (1776). Choose the version that most accurately follows your text’s guidelines on quotations. The opening passage of the document reads as follows:
  • Choose the excerpt that follows your text’s guidelines on quotations.
  • True or false? When quoting something at length, indent the text of the quote from the left margin and do not enclose it in quotation marks.
  • Which of the following are most likely to be ranked first by search engines such as Google?
  • Which of the following are most likely to be ranked first by search engines such as Google?
  • Which of the following is the best approach to blog posts encountered in web research?

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