Get Best Liberty University EDUC 606 Quiz 1

Get Best Liberty University EDUC 606 Quiz 1


  1. One of the main advantages of the use of curriculum-based measurements (CBM) is that they:
  2. Recent history and current trends all suggest that the use of testing and assessment in schools is likely to:
  3. This type of test has uniform administration and scoring procedures:
  4. Why is it important to specify what we want to measure before we begin to test?
  5. Which of the following is NOT a factor that can affect a test’s usefulness?
  6. A teacher has a new foreign student and wishes to obtain an estimate of the student’s math skills. What kind of test should be used?
  7. Assessment that is intended to inform day-to-day instructional decision-making in the classroom is referred to as:
  8. Increased use of portfolio and performance assessment techniques in the schools has been suggested to:
  9. Robert, a ninth-grader, has just been told, “The reason you’re having so much trouble with division is that you have never mastered compound multiplication. The Math Basic Skills Tests have indicated this quite clearly. We are going to provide you with instruction in multiplication immediately.” Robert’s teacher made what kind of decision relative to his skill level?
  10. The major distinction between testing and assessment is that assessment is a process that is:

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