Get Best Liberty University GLST 220 Quiz 3 

Get Best Liberty University GLST 220 Quiz 3



Set 1

  1. In the video, what analogy was used to describe intercultural communication?
  2. True/False: Ezekiel’s vision of a new temple refers to one specific building.
  3. In the Present Kingdom, Roberts describes Jesus by saying,
  4. True/False: The four gospels contradict one another.
  5. was the definitive prophet through whom God revealed his law at Sinai.
  6. acted as Moses’ mouthpiece when he spoke to the Israelites.
  7. The prophet who said there will be a new rule and blessing
  8. True/False: The coming of Christ transforms all the kingdom terms of the Old Testament into gospel reality.
  9. The men God called to speak on his behalf about the coming full kingdom:
  10. True/False: An awareness of someone’s possible Cultural Value Orientations could help to minimize bias and misunderstandings.
  11. True/False: Leaders with high CQ Action can draw on the other three capabilities of CQ to translate their enhanced motivation, understanding, and planning into action.
  12. What is a Kingdom Professional?
  13. The prophet who said the land will be a new creation with a new Jerusalem
  14. The prophets who confronted the Kings of Israel in their sin
  15. Which of the following is not considered a major prophet?
  16. All three parts of the Trinity were involved in the creation story.
  17. Satan comes out of a cosmic struggle between two equal forces of good and evil.
  18. What were the names of Isaac and Rebekah’s 2 sons?
  19. Which of the following is not something that happens in the broken kingdom as a result of Adam and Eve’s disobedience?
  20. Intercultural training and management courses should focus on the mistakes leaders have made globally so that leaders will know exactly what not to do.
  21. Leaders who are effective cross-culturally are curious about and interested in different cultures.
  22. Leaders with high CQ Drive are motivated to learn and adapt to new and diverse cultural settings.
  23. Emphasis on specifics and unique standards based on relationships
  24. Emphasis on differences in status and decisions made by superiors
  25. True/ False: The nuclear-family system is sometimes called affinal kinship.

Set 2

  1. True/False: Culture is something that just happens to us. We have no control over it.
  2. The emphasis of wisdom passed to youth from extended-family members, parents, and siblings.
  3. A society in which the state coordinates and implements the production and distribution of basic resources through central planning and control.
  4. True/ False: Leaders functioning at the highest levels of cultural intelligence are able to see when the behavior of others is a reflection of their cultural background and when it’s idiosyncratic behavior from one individual.
  5. In Genesis 12, what promises did God make to Abraham?
  6. The emphasis is on supernatural powers, both good and evil, that control day-to-day events and life.
  7. Emphasis on differences in status and decisions made by superiors
  8. True or False: The gospel is a New Testament concept and it is not applicable to the Old Testament.
  9. True/ False: Sometimes cultural intelligence requires us to abandon our convictions, values, and assumptions.
  10. The patterns for how the senior members of a culture transmit their values, beliefs, and behaviors to their offspring.
  11. True/ False: Competition tends to be a better motivational strategy in capitalist societies and cooperation in socialist ones.
  12. Livermore discusses three categories of human behavior. They are
  13. Which of the following is not a way to develop CQ knowledge?
  14. True or False: Gestures have the same meaning no matter where you are in the world, so they are a great way to communicate when you don’t know the language. “
  15. How does God show his grace to Cain in Genesis 4?
  16. What themes run through the early chapters of Genesis?
  17. Every listing in the Geneology in Genesis 5 ends with “…and then He died” except
  18. True or False: Communication can be broken into two categories: Verbal and Non-verbal communication. Both are equally important for effective interpersonal communication.
  19. Bringing honor to one’s family and blending in with society is what is most highly valued in a ___________ society
  20. What does the cultural iceberg analogy teach us?
  21. Emphasis on collaboration and nurturing behavior to get results.
  22. What promise did God make to Noah after the flood?
  23. True or False: Leaders high in CQ Knowledge have a rich, well-organized understanding of culture and how it affects the way people think and behave.
  24. What promise did God make to Adam and eve as he shared the consequences of their sin?
  25. When one looks at a piece of culture in a negative light because it is different than their own, they are viewing it from a(n) ________________ perspective.

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