Get Best Liberty University LIFC 603 Exam 1 

Get Best Liberty University LIFC 603 Exam 1



  1. All of the following are stages of grief except:
  2. Psychopathological money personalities include all of the following:
  3. The topic of money is mentioned over 2,000 in the Bible.
  4. The United States has the highest savings rate in the industrialized world.
  5. A debt ratio shows the relationship between debt and net worth.
  6. Which of the following indicates how much of a person’s monthly income goes to cover the debt?
  7. Examples of current liabilities include all of the following:
  8. People who place an emphasis on material possessions experience high levels of which of the following:
  9. Money issues are the number one cause of divorce in the United States.
  10. Liabilities are:
  11. Items of value minus what you owe equals your personal net worth.
  12. The definition of a Christian Financial Coach includes which of the following:
  13. The following are all true of the Early Earning Stage of life except:
  14. In the pre-retirement phase, most people become less conservative about asset allocation.
  15. There is much research that demonstrates the existence of a relationship between material wealth and happiness.
  16. The U.S. consumer debt reached 2.55 trillion dollars in 2007.
  17. All of the following are true of the Retirement life phase except:
  18. All of the following are stages of the Change Model except:
  19. Components of a cash flow statement include all of the following:
  20. Christian Financial Coaches ARE which of the following?
  21. Investments are assets set aside for immediate use.
  22. ____ percent of undergraduates have a credit card debt with an average of 2,000.
  23. The APA determined that financial concerns are the number one cause of stress in Americans’ lives.
  24. Key(s) to a successful marital relationship when dealing with money issues include(s):
  25. To be a successful Financial Coach you must know every financial concept available.

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