Get Best Liberty University PSYC 312 Quiz 5

Get Best Liberty University PSYC 312 Quiz 5

  • When the committee discussion begins, three people are strongly in favor of hiring Band A to play at the fall dance and three people are somewhat in favor of hiring Band A. Two people are somewhat in favor of hiring Band B. If group polarization is at work, what is the most likely decision of the group after an hour of discussion?
  • In order to avoid the phenomenon of groupthink, the leader of a group should
  • According to the authors of your text, threats
  • Ted is a manager who effectively motivates his employees to complete their short-term projects in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. Ted always rewards the employees who meet these goals. Ted has a ________ leadership style.
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  • Presently, there are three main ideas as to why the presence of others leads to greater arousal. Which of the following is not one of the three explanations? The presence of others
  • Social loafing is likely to impair performance ________ and to enhance performance ________.
  • Process loss can best be defined as __________.
  • Jan is the leader of a cohesive “knowledge masters” group that is preparing to compete against teams from other colleges. To prevent groupthink and ensure that her group is successful, she should
  • Whereas ________ specifies how all group members should behave, ________ specifies how individuals in particular positions should behave.
  • Based on work on deindividuation, in which context is Janine most likely to make offensive comments towards Harry, with whom she is angry?
  • Which of the following collections of people best represents the social-psychological concept of a true group?
  • When is high cohesiveness likely to be a problem for a group?
  • A leadership style that is warm, helpful, kind, and concerned with the welfare of others is ________, while a leadership style that is assertive, controlling, independent, dominant and self-confident is ________.
  • When people are asked to rate the attractiveness of faces, the faces that they most prefer
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  • In their relationship, Mark is concerned with maintaining an equal ratio of rewards and costs, whereas Jenn is concerned with being responsive to Mark’s needs. Mark views the relationship as a(n) ________ relationship and Jenn views it as a(n) ________ relationship.
  • Complete the following: passionate love is to _________ as companionate love is to __________.
  • Propinquity is most similar to which of the following?
  • Research suggests that there is ________ between babies and adults, men and women, and people from several cultures as to what is considered physically attractive.
  • Reciprocal liking is __________.
  • Although equity theory suggests that both partners who are over-benefited and under benefited feel uncomfortable, the partner who is ________ is more likely to perceive inequality as a problem.
  • Roger’s attachment style is secure and Mary’s attachment style is secure. Based on the research presented in your text, what could you infer about their relationship?
  • Based on what the authors of your text present about similarity and liking, who would Russ (a liberal, philosophy major) be most likely to become friends with?
  • According to Sternberg’s triangular theory of love, which of the following is not considered a major component of love?
  • Recall that Elaine Hatfield (Walster) and her colleagues (1966) randomly paired incoming students for a first-year orientation dance. They found that men
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  • Carolyn believes that she is worthy and well-liked. According to attachment theorists, what is the most likely reason for this? Carolyn

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