Get Best Liberty University SOWK 250 Quiz 3

Get Best Liberty University SOWK 250 Quiz 3

  1. Which of the following is not a step in the 10 steps of transformative learning?
  2. One of our challenges is to make sure that our primary motivation must be this growth and change, not a(n) _________.
  3. What happens if compassion fatigue begins and is not recognized or addressed?
  4. The word is derived from the Greek meaning ‘together’ and ‘feeling’.
  5. Respectful boundaries between social workers and clients are understood and valued through our own hard-won ________and the professional _______ and autonomy it makes possible.
  6. Compassion fatigue can be converted to compassion satisfaction if we;
  7. Empathy:
  8. No right or wrong is absolute when ___________ and the complexity of the problems they face.
  9. Which one of the following would be negative reoccurring ideation for personal regeneration?
  10. According to Radey and Finley, “The process of being ________ as our clients suffer less and transform from the role of victim to survivor allows us to reach ­­­­­­________ fulfillment, as well as __________ satisfaction.”

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