Get Best LIFC 202 Quiz Coach

Get Best LIFC 202 Quiz Coach



LIFC 202 Quiz Coach Client Relationship

  1. The book lists 10 of the worst listening habits individuals, coaches or otherwise, can exhibit. Which does not belong?
  2. According to the book, we need at least three components for communication to take place.
  3. Figure 6.1 in the book notes the different steps that make up the average process of moving from being a stranger to someone to a friend. What does this figure resemble?
  4. Being at the right place at the right time can lead to numerous opportunities to gain clients. This generally only works in physical locations.
  5. Chapter seven notes various strategies to improve your listening skills. Which does not belong on this list?
  6. “The first step in developing greater rapport-building skills is to attune yourself to the natural similarities that exist between people that help form bonds.”
  7. The end of chapter six outlines the building blocks to a good coach-client relationship. Which is not one of the nine blocks?
  8. The author notes the differences of viewing listening as a skill or an attitude. What did the book suggest to improve your coaching in this area?
  9. Chapter six outlines the idea of rapport with others and it affects communication. Rapport comes from a French meaning of
  10. According to the book, there are three different forms of repeating back the client’s message, an important skill in coaching. Which is one of these forms?

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