Get Best PSYC 341 Quiz 3

Get Best PSYC 341 Quiz 3



  1. Melanie Klein’s conception of a “position” is different from a “stage of development” in that “positions” are
  2. Which object relations theorist strongly emphasized the process by which the self evolves?
  3. Attachment is a construct in personality psychology that continues to generate a substantial amount of research. Attachment theory, as originally conceptualized by _____, emphasized the relationship between parent and child.
  4. Heinz Kohut’s narcissistic needs include
  5. According to Melanie Klein, infants use splitting as a means of
  6. Which of the following is a psychic defense mechanism used by an infant who fantasizes about taking into its body those perceptions and experiences that it has had with an external object, originally the mother’s breast?
  7. In the context of the psychic life of infants, which of the following statements is true about infant phantasies?
  8. Which of the following is a Freudian notion about the superego that was rejected by Melanie Klein?
  9. The assessment used by Bedi, Muller, and Thornack (2012) to research the impact of childhood trauma and abuse on adult object relational functioning was the
  10. According to Melanie Klein, when the female Oedipus complex is successfully resolved, the little girl will
  11. Which of the following statements is true about Melanie Klein’s view of the development of the ego at birth?
  12. Among the people that Melanie Klein psychoanalyzed was
  13. Melanie Klein agreed with Freud that people can be motivated by
  14. Klein extended Freud’s psychoanalysis by emphasizing
  15. Margaret Mahler’s principal concern was with
  16. Which of the following statements is true about the depressive position according to Melanie Klein?
  17. In the context of relationships, partners with anxious attachment styles are most likely to
  18. According to Karen Horney, an outstanding characteristic of people who adopt the trend of moving toward people is
  19. Neurotics strive in pathological ways to find love rather than benefiting from the need for it. Their attempts often result in
  20. Which of these is not one of Karen Horney’s 10 neurotic needs?
  21. According to Karen Horney, how does Western society hinder people’s attempts to find love?
  22. Karen Horney believed that children develop _____ as a reaction to unfilled needs for love and affection.
  23. Karen Horney insisted that the Oedipus complex
  24. Karen Horney asserted that the primary adverse influence inhibiting a child’s potential for healthy development is
  25. According to Karen Horney, which of the following neurotic needs is incorporated in the neurotic trend of moving against people?
  26. Which of the following statements is true about neurotics who adopt the philosophy of moving toward people?
  27. The general goal of Horneyian therapy is to help patients
  28. Each of Karen Horney’s neurotic trends has a normal analog. The ability to survive in a competitive society is a healthy extension of the neurotic trend of
  29. According to Karen Horney, the principal difference between a psychologically healthy person and a neurotic person is the degree of _____ with which each moves toward, against, or away from people.
  30. In the context of Karen Horney’s list of defenses against basic anxiety, _____ acts as a buffer against destitution and poverty and manifests itself as a tendency to deprive others.
  31. In the context of basic hostility and basic anxiety, which of the following was a belief Karen Horney held about people?
  32. Kip seeks out powerful people to be his friends. Karen Horney would say that Kip’s need for a powerful partner
  33. In the context of Karen Horney’s list of defenses against basic anxiety, people use _____ as a defense against the real or imagined hostility of others.
  34. Erikson was rescued from the life of a wandering artist by
  35. Erikson believed that ego identity is shaped
  36. According to Erikson, an inadequate will is expressed as
  37. According to Erikson, the foundation for “cooperative participation in productive adult life” is
  38. According to Erik Erikson, which of the following statements is true of old age?
  39. According to Erikson, the core pathology of infancy is
  40. According to Erikson, the core conflict of the play age is
  41. Erikson believed that sexual latency is important because it
  42. Tyler is sensitive to his infant daughter’s needs. According to Erikson, because he meets those needs in a reliable and consistent manner, he is helping his daughter learn
  43. According to Erik Erikson, which of the following statements is true of role repudiation?
  44. Erikson’s theory may be called “post-Freudian” because
  45. Erikson’s core pathology of the play age is
  46. Erikson, unlike earlier psychodynamic theorists
  47. The core pathology of young adulthood, according to Erikson, is
  48. The basic strength of _____ evolves from the resolution of the crisis of autonomy versus shame and doubt.
  49. Erikson believed that the Oedipus and castration complexes are
  50. Erikson contended that an elderly person’s delight in a variety of different physical sensations reflects.

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