Get Guided ARTS 209 Quiz Visual Culture

Get Guided ARTS 209 Quiz Visual Culture

  1. In its original state, the Colosseum in Rome was a spartan amphitheater devoid of any ornamentation except for its Doric capitals.
  2. The ultimate purpose of visual culture is to record the language of visual media so that images have a universal meaning regardless of nationality or culture.
  3. The posters of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec were influenced by ____.
  4. What is the history of animation?
  5. The Sydney Opera House owes a stylistic debt to the architecture of ____.
  6. A favorite subject of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, ____ was a singer and dancer at the famous cabaret Moulin Rouge.
  7. The opening ceremonies for the Olympic games are an example of ____ — a public exhibition on a grand scale.
  8. Matthew Barney’s Cremaster I references Busby Berkley’s musical productions from 1930s Hollywood films.
  9. In 1927, ____ was/were added to motion pictures.
  10. The structure of the Sydney Opera House is referred to as ____.
  11. Western theater began as a form of worship of the god ____.
  12. A modern theatrical puppet performance on Broadway is ____.
  13. Visual culture is an area of academic study that deals with the totality of images and visual objects produced in ____, and the ways that those images are disseminated, received, and used.
  14. culture refers to the production, use, and dissemination of images and visual objects, particularly in industrial and postindustrial nations.
  15. Ancient Greek comedies and tragedies were originally part of ritual festivals dedicated to the deity Dionysos.
  16. Central Park was designed to be a(n) ____ from city life.
  17. Animation grew out of ____, in which a series of drawn images seem to move as book pages are flipped rapidly.
  18. The first examples of performance art were called ____.
  19. is a relatively early form of animation which uses clay sculptures that are moved and photographed in tiny increments.
  20. art is a visual art form that incorporates live action and mixed media and is presented before a live audience.
  21. is the academic discipline that investigates visual media and its effect on entertainment, information, political power, and social structures.
  22. Briefly define Gestalt Theory.
  23. is the way television companies make money.
  24. The motion picture is the marriage of photography and…

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