Get Guided ARTS 224 Quizzes 

Get Guided ARTS 224 Quizzes


Quiz 1

  1. What is graphic design?
  2. What does a graphic designer do?
  3. Graphic design and advertising help make information accessible in print and on screen, build brands, and promote competition (which can result in the research and development of goods and services).
  4. Name media channels where we distribute graphic
  5. Should each designer be responsible for practicing ethical ways?
  6. A designer uses the formal elements of two-dimensional design to build images, patterns, letterforms, diagrams, animations, and design relationships to visually communicate a design
  7. What is the significance of understanding the figure/ground relationship?
  8. Designers use contrast for
  9. A designer creates unity by repeating colors throughout a composition or work (multipage screens, pages, or frames).
  10. What are the laws of perceptual organization?

Quiz 2

  1. What is a typeface?
  2. What are general typographic design concerns?
  3. When type and image share characteristics, their relationship can be sympathetic, possessing similar characteristics resulting in agreement, in harmony.
  4. One way to integrate type and image is to make the image the star and the typeface neutral.
  5. Which of the following is not among the general categories of type alignment?
  6. What is design thinking?
  7. The generally accepted five-phase model in the design process is research, strategy,
  8. A design brief is a short answer to a design problem.
  9. What is a visual brief collage board, and what’s its purpose?
  10. Thumbnail sketches are preliminary, small, quick, unrefined drawings of ideas, in black and white or color.

Quiz 3

  1. What is a design concept?
  2. How is a design concept expressed?
  3. Designers prefer not to ask essential questions to investigate a design problem.
  4. What are the four stages in the concept generation process?
  5. What are some creative thinking tools designers employ?
  6. A sign is a visual mark or a part of the language that denotes another thing. A symbol is an image that has an arbitrary or conventional relationship between the signifier and the thing signified.
  7. Selecting stock well means you can use the imagery as you like, without thought to the
  8. Visualizing techniques include sketches and rendering.
  9. What are margins, and why are they important?
  10. Selecting stock appropriately and well entails understanding shape, orientation, lighting, point of view/angle, color palette, and composition.

Quiz 4

  1. A designer must determine whether symmetrical versus asymmetrical margins function best and have more
  2. How does the format play a role in composition?
  3. The contrast would not be necessary for which of the following?
  4. What role does proportion play in graphic design? Which response is incorrect?
  5. The aim of chunking is to break content into digestible amounts to make reading
  6. Designers employ a grid because it acts as a compositional structure that provides continuity and
  7. What is the rule of thirds?
  8. When designing a poster, what should you always employ to ensure communication with your design concept? Select the incorrect
  9. A goal of poster design is to always design the communication from the top
  10. What is one main design consideration when designing a poster series?

Quiz 5

  1. What is branding, and what might a branding program encompass? Select the incorrect response.
  2. What is the purpose of branding?
  3. Brand strategy is the core tactical underpinning of branding, uniting all planning for every visual and written brand expression.
  4. A visual identity is only the brand name and tagline.
  5. Using very different typeface(s) for each solution media channel is a consideration for establishing coherence across a brand identity.
  6. On behalf of a brand, cause, individual, or group, an advertisement is a specific message constructed to do what?
  7. A conventional creative team in an advertising agency is composed of a copywriter and an art director.
  8. Which is not a goal of advertising?
  9. An advertising campaign is a series of coordinated ads, based on an overarching strategy and closely related ideas connected by look and feel, voice, tone, style, imagery, and tagline, where each individual ad in the campaign also can stand on its own.
  10. An integrated media campaign works across media channels, which might include print, broadcast, interactive, mobile, social, video-sharing, other screen-based media, out-of-home media (outdoor, public), and unconventional media.

Quiz 6

  1. What does web design involve?
  2. Information architecture is the organization of website content in hierarchical order.
  3. Information architecture is the designer’s guide to the design brief.
  4. When designing with type for the screen, which of the following would not be among the considerations for a typeface?
  5. Always remember that the grid should accommodate the content and not force the content into an unaccommodating grid.
  6. Which of the following are not among the mobile design basics?
  7. The three phases of production are preproduction (planning; storyboard), production (creation; actual making of the motion piece), and postproduction (usually, editing, soundtracks, and corrections).
  8. Which of the following would not be among the guiding principles for animation or motion?
  9. Information architecture is signage on a building complex.
  10. What do people expect and desire from interactive experiences?

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