Get Guided Ashford ECO 203 Week 5 Quiz

Get Guided Ashford ECO 203 Week 5 Quiz


  1. Jacob is deciding how much of his paycheck to save. On what does his incentive to save depend?
  2. Sherman is an economist who studies how people’s financial expectations are formed and how rapidly they adjust to economic changes. This relatively new field of study is known as __________.
  3. Which of the following tends to reduce the effect of an expansionary open market operation on the money supply?
  4. Which of the following workers best expresses the American business practice called outsourcing?
  5. All but which of the following policies are supply-side?
  6. Demand-side policies cannot permanently increase output and employment unless __________.
  7. In the macroeconomics context, the most accurate meaning of productivity
    is the measure of __________.
  8. If AD is very steep and AS shifts to the left, then __________.
  9. If the government is running a deficit, and an increase in government spending is financed by higher taxes, __________.
  10. Borrowing from the public and issuing bonds are two ways to finance increased government spending. What type of policy do these two methods reflect?

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