Get Guided BUSI 503 Quiz 2

Get Guided BUSI 503 Quiz 2


  1. Which of these practices is not listed as one of the five practices of exemplary leadership?
  2. Leaders accept and act on the paradox of power which means….
  3. Regarding the past, Chapter 5 communicates the idea that….
  4. Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology at Harvard writes:
  5. People commit to….
  6. What color was used by the Hilti Corporation in their slogan that became a rallying point, “We’re Painting Australia __________”. (Select the correct color from the choices.)
  7. The Kouzes and Posner’s Second Law of Leadership is….
  8. What analogy was used to illustrate clarity of vision especially when you’re moving fast?
  9. The text purports that the attribute which a majority of people desired most in a leader is
  10. What is the text referring to when it speaks about “Exercise Outsight”?
  11. The text indicates that story telling has the ability to….
  12. In the section on strengthening others, the viewpoint of Mark Soden on coaching is expressed best in which of these phrases?
  13. The time orientation of tactical leaders focuses more on the….
  14. The Kouzes and Posner’s First Law of Leadership is
  15. What famous speech was used to illustrate how leaders enlist other by bringing the vision to life?
  16. At the very heart of collaboration is….
  17. What children’s story was used to illustrate the importance of clear expectations and goals?
  18. A leaders like a Grand Master bridge or chess player needs to be….>
  19. The chapter titled “Experiment and Take Risks” suggests that “small wins”:
  20. The time orientation of strategic leaders focuses more on the….

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