Get Guided CCOU 202 Quiz 1 Midterm

Get Guided CCOU 202 Quiz 1 Midterm

  1. Which of the following are components of a good training program for lay counselors, according to the text?
  2. In addition to aspirational ideals, codes of ethics also include what are called ________________. These are the rules and regulations that are sufficiently focused and specific to use as standards of practice, and that can be enforced when a clinician is judged to have broken them.
  3. With the notion that therapy can be understood on several different levels, Neimeyer (1993) distinguishes between four levels of therapy in order of increasing abstractness. Which of the following is not one of these levels?
  4. What is the author’s view of the number of culturally focused clinical guidelines and competency compilations in the coming years?
  5. All of the following are types of dual relationships that therapists of faith can encounter throughout their careers except
  6. McMinn and Meek (1997) surveyed the ethical beliefs and behaviors of nine hundred members of the American Association of Christian Counselors. The researchers’ conclusion was that the majority of the sample of Christian mental health professionals
  7. For Christians in the mental health profession, it may be useful to consider some explicitly Christian ideals that seem pertinent to the ethical practice of psychotherapy and counseling. Which of the following is not one of these?
  8. The particular ethical guideline of dual relationships cannot be applied clearly to lay, counselors, because many of them are involved in peer or friendship counseling.
  9. Studies show that counselors will benefit from just attending continuing education conferences without having to apply the information.
  10. Becker (1987) emphasizes that freedom of client choice or informed consent requires the lay counselor to provide
  11. Which of the following is recognized as one of the statements on professional ethics recognized by The Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS)?
  12. According to the text, lay counselors can use terms such as “psychologists” and “psychotherapy” to refer to who they are and what they do.
  13. Diversity is all of the following except
  14. Which of the following is a way Christian counselors and psychotherapists may respond to the clash of ethical cultures?
  15. The New Testament message proclaims a balance between grace and law. According to the text, which book of the Bible best explains this balance?
  16. The author of the text would argue that Christian mental health professionals who are informed about the points of compatibility and incompatibility between their mental health discipline and the world of Christian thought are
  17. The author encourages Christian mental health professionals to become actively involved in a support group of only Christian therapists to increase their knowledge and expertise.
  18. According to the text, the MMPI-2 (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) has been found to over-pathologize individuals of ________ descent, which speaks to “test bias.”
  19. One of the most elaborated rationales for attending to diversity is contained in the
  20. Scanish and McMinn (1996) suggest all of the following guidelines for assessing the competence of lay Christian counselors except?
  21. Which of the following is a teaching method identified by the authors in teaching students in the area of ethics?
  22. In addition to the ethical codes generated by professional organizations, a number of clinical guidelines for practice have been developed. One example of this is the APA’s “Guidelines on Multicultural Education, Training, Research, Practice, and Organizational Change for Psychologists.”
  23. Some see professional and Christian ethics as partially or fully compatible because of all the reasons except
  24. The author talks about the importance of Christian mental health professionals to establish a strong link with a local church. This is essential because the church
  25. This philosophical basis for determining what constitutes ethical behavior focuses on the essence of the act itself and defines some acts as good and others as bad.
  26. Worthington (1987) emphasized the need for supervisors to stress what friends and laypeople do well in helping one another such as
  27. According to the text, the literature on ethical and legal issues related specifically to lay counselor training and ministry are more limited.
  28. The Christian narrative has a dramatic arc that unfolds according to the text. Which of the following is not one of these areas?
  29. Ethical issues in lay counseling include which of the following?
  30. Becker (1987) warns lay counselors to avoid which of the following high-risk situations, due to the possibility of being sued for malpractice?
  31. The author argues that the qualities of the elder and overseer in the early church are some of the same qualities that Christian therapists should aspire to.
  32. Which of the following refers to the degree to which individuals and families adopt elements from the new culture and maintain elements from their culture of origin?
  33. In a sense of the term that moves well beyond professional ethics, ethics can also be understood as specific ideals or behavioral prescriptions that are either applicable to people in general or obligatory for Christians in particular.
  34. Which of the following is considered a challenge for any Christian mental health professional that must be coupled with genuine wisdom and humanness?
  35. Which of the following is not a truth for those in the helping profession?
  36. While there is a basic respect for the ethical codes, Koocher and Keith-Spiegel (2008) point out that there are still a number of reasons why a therapist might behave unethically. Below are all reasons except
  37. According to the text, ________ implies a recognition of one’s strengths and weaknesses, and the humility to pursue further consultation, training and supervision throughout one’s professional career.
  38. In 1992, Welfel conducted a review of the literature relevant to ethics education. What did she conclude as a particular area in training that was systematically lacking?
  39. According to the idea of “ethical and moral relativism,” it is assumed that there are universal standards that what is right and wrong never varies, not even to factors such as the situation, the culture, and one’s personal point of view.
  40. To date, the author provides evidence for religious/spiritual interventions’ effectiveness, showing that they outperform secular approaches.
  41. Currently, there are no restraints on the title, “Christian mental health professional.”
  42. According to Pope, Sonne, and Holroyd (1993), one area of discussion that has traditionally been lacking in ethics training is that of
  43. Smith & Cahill (2000) examined the creation narrative and concluded that which of the following was part of God’s good creation from the very beginning?
  44. McMinn and Meek (1996) have observed that personal distress commonly precedes unethical relationships.
  45. Adair (1992) stressed the need for lay counselors to take and keep good records as part of the supervision process. According to the text, it is recommended that records should be
  46. Kitchener (1984) identified five moral ideals that are foundational to many mental health codes. Which of the following is not one of them?
  47. One can expect that academic and practical preparation can guarantee competence and can safely leave it to the judgments of professional licensing or credentialing bodies.
  48. Competence can best be described as
  49. Assessments take place in
  50. Psychological testing is a special form of assessment that measures.

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