Get Guided CCOU 304 Quiz 4 Life Problems

Get Guided CCOU 304 Quiz 4 Life Problems

  • Which message from our culture are we not hearing as it relates to eating disorders?
  • True or false: Counseling for an eating disorder is still effective even if the woman does not want to counsel.
  • True or false: A woman who is depressed should be encouraged to contact her physician.
  • True or false: The providence of God is directly related to anger.
  • True or false: The use of physical touch to help someone struggling with depression comes from the idea that Jesus used physical touch to heal.
  • Who should a woman talk to about medication to treat depression?
  • True or false: All fear is bad and contrary to what God desires.
  • What combats sinful fear, according to Elyse Fitzpatrick?
  • True or false: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa are essentially the same disorder.
  • Which of these is not listed by Bev Hislop as a common factor leading to an eating disorder?

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